Make the most of each day

As a graduating senior, I’ve been getting constant advice from my parents, older friends, friends’ parents, sister, sister’s friends, sister’s friends’ parents, all of my professors and pretty much anybody older than me with whom I hold any kind of half-decent conversation. All of this advice revolves around the same subject: life after Trinity. I’ve had just about enough of hearing “It’s not the end, it’s the beginning of a new chapter,” and “Don’t worry, you’ll find a job, Joey.” So, with that in mind, I thought I’d give out some advice of my own to those fortunate enough to have some more time in this wonderful stage of life.

Finals are right around the corner, and with the exception of a select few majors (looking at you, engineering and anything self-described as pre-med), you really don’t need to spend every waking minute of the day studying. Use your weekend(s) and reading days to their full potential; don’t waste them locked away in your room or the library. Go out with your friends, binge watch some Netflix, “˜borrow’ a campus golf cart and go for a joyride, sneak into the outdoor pool at night, take the back way into the Japanese Tea Gardens after hours, sit outside and enjoy the weather (we’re in Texas, at least one day in the next week is bound to be nice out), do some of the crazy things you always talk about doing but never get around to.

Ideally, at most, any of you reading this only has three years left of undergrad, and it goes by uncomfortably fast. We come to college to learn, and if you’re making it through college you must actually be learning. But, while you’re doing all that learning, don’t forget to enjoy your time here.

This is the last time in your life, that is, until you retire and move in to an oldfolks’ home, that you’ll have so many people your age with significant amounts of free time (not counting hell weeks) so close to you at all times. That is something to be taking advantage of.

So, next time you catch that cute girl’s eye from a few tables away in Mabee, or smile awkwardly as you pass that goodlooking guy on your way to class, say hello (or maybe just start with a wave). Go out on a school night at least once while you’re here. Make some unforgettable memories with friends you’ll have for the rest of your life.

Do these things because I can’t anymore. Do them because the class of 2014 can’t anymore. By the time this is printed, we will never have another school night to go out; we will never have another chance to introduce ourselves to that cutie on the way to class; and we may never have it quite as good as you will for at least one more semester. In short, this is my advice: Make the most of your time here. You don’t get it back.