Ladies, don’t sweat it: five easy tips for classroom fashion


Sofia Villareal Second Outfit. Photo taken by Sarah Thorne

If you come from a school where uniforms were mandatory, or if you just like buying clothes””get excited. Revel in the freedom of college, where you are free to have fun with your wardrobe, express yourself, “find” yourself and all of that fun stuff.

Now, when your classes start taking over your life, (which, believe me, they will), it will be easy to get stuck in a jeans and/or workout pants and T-shirt rut. Here are some tips to make sure that does not happen.

Under normal circumstances””as in if we resided in a city with seasons that changed and had a real winter to look forward to””I would walk you through transitioning your summer wardrobe to one for fall. But this is South Texas, where your “summer wardrobe” means shorts until Halloween.

So if you find yourself wanting to wear other things, but you don’t want to leave the realm of comfortable clothes, here are some pieces that are trendy and functional in the one-hundred degree weather.

Let’s start with rompers. Consider them one of your chic “grab-and-go” piece for when your laundry bag has more clothes than your drawers.

With a romper, there are fewerclothing items to worry about, and all you have to do is make sure your shoes go with the outfit. Essentially, these pieces can be yanked out of the closet at the right before you stumble into your 8:30 class.

When the temperature does actually drop, you may want something a little warmer than a romper. Luckily, you can witch over to a jumpsuit for the same convenience.

Next up is the maxi skirt. When it comes to these beauties, the e-card on Pinterest pretty much says it all: they make it look like you’ve gotten all dressed up, but in reality, they feel even more comfortable than yoga pants.

A word to the wise: a maxi dress is even better. Again, less clothes to worry about finding in the closet. This classy outfit is simultaneously effortless and chic.

Also, as previously mentioned, the heat is here to stay for, like, ever. For this reason, I encourage you to make sleeveless everything your new best friend.

Unlike other states with real seasons and varying temperatures, here in Texas you won’t pack these away until November.  Believe it or not, the heat has its upsides.

When navigating that Texas weather, a pair of harem pants can also come in handy. They have the breezy comfort of workout clothes combined with an appearance of intentional, laid-back style.

These pieces can be interchangeably paired with crop tops and/or graphic T-shirts.

And now, a word of advice on shoes. It’s no secret that this isn’t a heel-friendly campus. One walk up Cardiac Hill confirms that. So, rather than a pair of heels perfect for one night at Club Rio, splurge on the flats that you see yourself wearing often. In this case, style and practicality can go hand in hand.

I also highly reccomend a good pair of Birkenstocks. This style of sandal is widely known for being comfortable and has become the new must-have shoe for the summer. For an equally comfortable alternative to flip-flops that also goes with pretty much everything casual, look for these.

Here’s one final word of general advice. If you can, definitely plan your outfit out the night before. Lay out the clothes and shoes you want to wear the next day, and I promise this will make your life easier in the morning when you can’t think until you’ve had a sip of coffee.

Good luck, fashionistas!