Indie Overnite hosts concert

This Saturday, Sept. 6, Trinity will be hosting a variety of bands for Radio Invasion, organized by KRTU. Radio Invasion will be a “sort-of-indie concert,”  according to the KRTU staff.

The aim of the concert is to expand the indie influence of KRTU and provide an outlet for students to experience local bands.

“We are looking to broaden the indie side of things and provide shows and series for students and the community,” said Joseph-Erik Montano, a senior who is in charge of the concert. “There will be some high-quality local bands with lots of different sounds.”

KRTU’s indie program caters to students, not only through events like this, but also by giving students an opportunity to learn more about radio.

“The indie program is mostly student-run,” Montano said. “We host production classes and record bands in our studio.”

Radio Invasion will be the indie program’s way of following KRTU’s jazz program.

“In the past, KRTU has hosted lots of jazz events, but not anything like that for indie, so we decided to do a concert,” Montano said. “We hope to make this a biannual event and host another concert next semester, or perhaps host a festival or touring bands. We are currently working on some series at a local art gallery.”

The event will be held in the Laurie courtyard and is free of charge.