O-Rec provides outdoor adventures for students


OREC. Photo by Anh-Viet Dinh.

Outdoor Recreation leads trips to natural settings for Trinity students who want to explore the nature in the area and get away from campus for a while. The people of O-Rec have many goals and reasons for being  a part of the organization.

“The goal of O-Rec is to provide a fun and stress-free chance for students to explore Texas outside of Trinity and San Antonio in a natural setting,” said sophomore Briauna Barrera.

O-Rec is a long-standing organization here at Trinity. The group has always focused on getting students involved with nature and the outdoors more than they normally would.

“OREC has been around since before me and before Jacob Tingle. I believe it’s been around since the early “˜80s, maybe even late “˜70s,” said Caroline Keener, assistant director of athletics and recreational sports.

Keener also had high praise for the students who lead O-Rec and the work they put into the group.

“O-Rec has always been a student-led organization. The students are very intrinsically motivated,” Keener said.

The group hosts a wide variety of events such as hiking, tubing, canoeing and overnight camping trips, all with the goal of being outside. Getting students to come to the events is very important to the group.

“One of our goals is to get people outside, particularly people who haven’t spent a lot of time outside before,” said senior Lauren Davis. “All trips are beginner-friendly.”

The first O-Rec event of the year takes place tomorrow with tubing on the Comal River.