Trinity greets new faculty

This year, the Trinity faculty gained several new members.  These new professors come from universities across the nation and contribute knowledge and experience to Trinity.

One of these new members is William Mosely-Jensen, an assistant professor in the department of human communication. Mosely-Jensen also helps coach the university’s debate team. Before coming to Trinity, he earned his PhD at the University of Georgia.

“The students at Trinity are very engaged and uniquely oriented toward their own education,” Mosely-Jensen said. “They ask questions and push the faculty to be their best.”

Mosely-Jensen looks forward to the new curriculum, new classes and the opportunity for the debate team to participate in more events. He plans to use the knowledge he gained as a National Debate Tournament qualifier while studying at the University of Wyoming. So far, he has enjoyed the Trinity experience.

“Everyone here is very personable; they get to know you and remember who you are,” Mosely-Jensen said. “Everyone has been helpful and supportive.”

Another new addition to the Trinity faculty is Andrew Kraebel, a professor of English who has authored several publications, many of which explore how biblical discourses influenced medieval and Middle English works. Kraebel moved to Trinity after completing his PhD at Yale.

Kraebel looks forward to teaching HUMA, British Lit: Epic to Romantic and his upper division course on Geoffrey Chaucer. Kraebel is also excited to have the opportunity to continue research. He notes that Trinity is unique because of its standing as a liberal arts school in the Southwest.

“Trinity University is like nothing else. It is exactly where I want to be. The improvements to the campus are gorgeous,” Kraebel said. “The library here is a great resource. The students have also been very enthusiastic.”