Balcony smoking vote finalized

Residential Life has tallied and released the results regarding what dorms will allow smoking on balconies , and TUPD and ResLife will begin enforcing bans in applicable dorms immediately.

In 2009, the Student Government Association pushed to allow students to vote on whether their dorms would be smoking or non-smoking at the beginning of the year. This allows students more autonomy and provides them a voice in deciding on what impacts their living environment.

The decisions have received mixed responses, and students are encouraged to contact their SGA senators if they feel strongly about the vote that was made in their dorm.

ResLife sends the survey to applicable dorms, giving students one week to respond. Then, they tally the votes announce the results to students by e-mail  regarding whether or not smoking is allowed in thier dorm.

There are some dorms not subject to this process, including Thomas, Lightner, Calvert, Miller, Witt-Winn and Murchison, which are LEED certified buildings that cannot allow smoking. The substance-free dorms, such as Susanna, also automatically prohibit smoking.

Should a student violate the smoking policy in a dorm, the cost of an infraction starts with a $25 fine and balcony violation. Should infractions continue, students will face increased consequences.

All of the first-year and sophomore college residence halls are smoke-free this year. Also, every upperclassman dorm  is smoke free, except North Hall which voted to allow smoking within 25 feet of the building.