Jazz Ensemble will hold fall concert this Sunday

On Sunday, Nov. 9, Trinity’s Jazz Ensemble will perform their annual fall concert. The performance will include 11 pieces featuring students from all academic years.

“We had a lot of graduating seniors leave last semester, so we ended up having mostly newer students come in,” said Martin Roemisch, jazz ensemble director. “It’s been challenging since we started off with only two alto saxophonists and a couple of trumpet players, but we were lucky to bring more people in as we went along.”

The ensemble is nearly a complete jazz band, with full saxophone, trombone and rhythm sections; the band is only short two of the five trumpets present in a traditional jazz band. The size of the ensemble allows Roemisch to include a variety of music in the performance.

“I wanted to find something that accommodates older students so that they can continue to grow but also make it more appropriate for the younger ones,” Roemisch said. “That’s why I picked tunes that were more based out of earlier-style dance tunes and also some more challenging tunes.”

The program’s musical numbers will include some basic swing tunes, Cuban pieces, traditional pieces and even a ballad. Robby Herron, a junior, will be featured as a soloist in the ballad.

“It’s of course really nerve-wracking going up in front of the entire ensemble and having them accompany me, but it’s something that I’m really, really passionate about,” Herron said. “So being confident in myself and in the rehearsals where we’ve been practicing for this moment takes away some of the nerves.”

The Jazz Ensemble members come from a variety of backgrounds, with majors that include molecular biology, neuroscience, French, engineering, computer science and psychology.

“I can only find time to practice with the band during rehearsals on Tuesdays and Thursdays,” said sophomore Charlie Stein. “Finding time to practice alone is a different matter. That’s been most challenging, but the rehearsals have been pretty smooth.”

The ensemble has been rehearsing every Tuesday and Thursday in the weeks leading up to the show, setting aside the time even with each student’s busy schedule.

“You can see that there aren’t many music majors in the band, but they’re still able to come together. They are obviously very smart individuals to even be at this school, so they pick up the information quickly and work together very well,” Roemisch said. “I’m lucky to have them in the band, still pursuing their music even with such busy schedules.”

Some students””like Herron””hold music minors, but many of the members are simply continuing with a hobby that they have enjoyed since middle school. Both Roemisch and his students share a passion for this unique style of music.

“I’m just excited to get in there and have a blast. It’s my favorite type of music to play,” Herron said. “I know I’m not the only one who’s passionate about it. We’re all excited to perform on Sunday, so I’m really hoping everything turns out, and I’m sure it will.”

The performance will take place at 3 p.m. on Nov. 9 in Ruth Taylor Recital Hall, lasting just less than two hours with an intermission.