Gamma Chi Delta wins annual Fall Frolics show


Photo by Eva Littman.

On Sunday, Nov. 9, the SPURS sorority and Chi Delta Tau fraternity  hosted their annual Fall Frolics talent show. Each year, the proceeds from the event benefit the SPURS philanthropy, Silver and Black Give Back.

“I’m the benefits position for SPURS, so kind of like the assistant service chair,” said Ariel Spaulding, a sophomore. “Since this is our philanthropy event, I’m the one who’s in charge of planning it.”

In preparation, Spaulding and other members of the organization held a table in Coates in the weeks leading up to the event, selling tickets and registering groups to perform. Groups wishing to participate paid a $50 entry fee, while individuals paid $30.

“It’s open to anyone, but typically Greek organizations will enter and make it a standards event,” Spaulding said. “We charge $1 per ticket and your ticket is your vote, so you can buy as many tickets as you want.”

Silver and Black Give Back is an organization that supports education-based service programs and youth sports in the San Antonio area. The winners of the talent show””the ladies of Gamma Chi Delta””will also receive a portion of the proceeds for their philanthropy.

“The money is going to Silver and Black Give Back and a portion will go to a charity of the Gammas’ choosing, so that’s really great,” said David Reeves, a senior member of Chi Delta Tau. “I think it all went really well. I was happy to be able to host.”

The show consisted of five acts, performed by the ladies of Sigma Theta Tau, SPURS, Alpha Chi Lambda, Gamma Chi Delta and the gentlemen of the Bengal Lancers. However, Gamma Chi Delta stole the show with their “bootylicious” performance, featuring four members in puffy green fat suits.

“I was in it last year when we did the evolution of Miley Cyrus,” said Alice Whitten, senior member of Gamma Chi Delta. “We decided that we wanted to do the fat suit thing this year and we began choreographing it last week, but a lot of us were in Diwali and so we did a lot of preparation this morning.”

Gamma Chi Delta’s performance will benefit Camp Discovery, an annual summer camp for children affected by cancer.

“The winnings are going to our philanthropy event, Concert for the Cure,” Whitten said. “It’s an event that raises money for a camp for kids with cancer, so they can go for free. It’s awesome for them to just be with everyone and have a community. It’s a great camp and a really great experience for them.”

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