Tigers for Tigers leads national celebration of Tiger Week at Trinity


Alyssa Fink, Ben Whitehead, Dominque Davis Megan Smith

Last week, Trinity and other schools around the nation celebrated Tiger Week. Tiger Week is a week in which tiger conservation is celebrated and awareness is promoted to protect the endangered species.

At Trinity, the Tigers for Tigers club hosted the celebration.

“Tiger Week wasn’t just at Trinity,” said senior Sabrina Cortez. “It was all around the nation. It was a national tiger conservation week.”

“Tiger Week was last Monday through Saturday, and schools around the country took part,” said senior Alyssa Fink, president of Tigers for Tigers at Trinity. “For Tiger Week, we gave out free shirts around campus, promoted more tiger awareness and even took a trip to the zoo on Saturday.”

During that trip, the group of fifteen students saw some of the tiger cubs at the San Antonio Zoo. They were particularly interested in seeing the tigers because they plan to symbolically adopt a tiger with funds from recent fundraisers.

“We have raised enough money so that we can adopt a tiger through the zoo, which will directly help promote tiger conservation,” Fink said.

These fundraisers included a pumpkin-decorating event before Halloween that encouraged students to paint pumpkins to look like tigers. Another club fundraiser involves the appearance of the Trinity mascot, Leeroy, at EZ’s in the Quarry.

Leeroy is another one of Tigers for Tigers’ main focuses. Aside from promoting conservation for actual tigers, the nationwide goal of such organizations is to celebrate tigers as a mascot and get students excited about their mascot.

“A lot of people don’t realize our mascot is going extinct,” said senior C.J. France. “We want to promote conservation and get students to be excited about Tigers. We really want to increase school spirit.”

In the future, Tigers for Tigers will be celebrating Trinity’s mascot at a Christmas party, among other events. The members, who are mostly upperclassmen, hope to gain more membership and form a foundation for the club so that it can continue in the future. Students can get involved by attending the club’s meetings.