Trinity University Film Society goes on hiatus

Although miscommunication led to a hiatus for Trinity University’s Film Society this semester, the founders of the organization, juniors Bria Woods and Blake Duckers, plan to kick the group into gear next semester.

The group aims to view films and discuss aspects of cinematography and social relevance. Aside from viewing and discussing films, members of the society hope to make student-produced films in the future.

The film society had some miscommunication with the company that was helping finance the films.

An email from the Trinity University Film Society’s founders clarified the reason for the delay in activities this year.

“The difficulty comes in the fact that each of these films will average about $250 to show,” Duckers and Woods wrote to students who had signed up to join the organization at the student involvement fair in August.

Confusion over the timeline for funding requests hampered the organization’s plan for paying for these films.

“I believed that you applied on a monthly basis for university funding. I had been told that was the case, and that assumption was false,” Duckers and Woods wrote. “To receive university funding, an organization has to submit a budget for each event six weeks in advance. Not an unreasonable requirement, but a difficult one to work around when we were approved in mid-September and found out about the six weeks requirement in October.