Business professor retires

After 31 years, various positions, awards and honors, Don Van Eynde has retired from a full, diverse career at Trinity.

Van Eynde came to Trinity in 1984, following a career in the U.S. Army involving positions in numerous countries overseas. During his time at the university he held positions as a professor of management, special assistant for change management to the university president, chair of the faculty senate and chair of the crisis management team, the last of which he will continue to do until his contract is up.

“My favorite part of working at the university has been getting to work with the students,” Van Eynde said. “I love teaching and working with young people.”

Van Eynde says that during his time at Trinity, the appearance of the campus and the curriculum have both seen some changes, and he believes these changes have been good for the university.

“I like the change,” Van Eynde said. “The things students are learning are up to date and valuable. Trinity is doing very well and is an incredible place.”

Since retiring, Van Eynde has moved to Blanco, Texas, where he enjoys fishing and plans to travel with his wife during this new stage of his life.