In early 2015, the TV freeze thaws

Drops in temperature mark a rise in North Face jackets and a loss of any quality television shows.

Once the new year rolled around, the flow of new TV shows used to freeze, but the mid-season season for TV has changed that. New shows are coming out now in January, February or March with old shows starting again in March.

“Agent Carter” did not excite me when I heard about it. Having a woman be the lead in an action show (or something leaning more towards action) was exciting, but it’s hard to feel excited when Marvel is milking their properties in every medium. I’ve actually loved everything they’ve done so far, but Marvel’s universe is oversaturating my universe.

This show is now on the top of my watch list due to the critical fanfare the first few episodes have received. Carter is full of smart characters with an exciting plot””plus it fits into the bigger Marvel cinematic universe and I am a sucker for things tying together (go synergy).

Who knows if I’ll love “Galavant?” I don’t even know if I’ll like it. For those not in the know, the show revolves around a retired knight who gets the love of his life stolen by King Richard. In the first episode, he takes up his sword again and fights his way to her only to find that she has fallen for the King””more accurately, his money and power.

Then stuff happens but that’s less important since Galavant, the main character, sings throughout the show. It’s a musical show. It’s weird and I’m not certain if it’s ever been done to this degree. Part of the reason I’m so interested is, frankly, the novelty of the idea. We’ll have to wait and see if “Galavant” is more than a one-note trick pony (or however the idiom goes).

I hesitate to call this show new since it makes use of familiar characters but “Better Call Saul,” premiering in a few weeks, may well become one of the most watched shows on TV in the current lineup if “Breaking Bad” is any indication. The beautiful Bryan Cranston (Walter White) won’t be appearing in this prequel but Bob Odenkirk, Saul, will be back.

If this show hits the same highs as “Breaking Bad” then I might end up loving “Better Call Saul” more than “Breaking Bad” due to Odenkirk’s Saul being more relatable””Malcolm’s dad, (er, I mean, Walter White) is kind of an ass.

“The Last Man on Earth” is strange. Is the titular character  actually the last person on Earth? Does that mean there are women?

Or are the women all gone too but they weren’t good enough to be mentioned in the title? The biggest question I have is why there are other acting credits on the IMDB page if he really IS the last person on Earth.

Boom. I’m a modern day Sherlock. Or, I guess, I am a Benedict Cumberbatch since he kind of stole the whole modern day Sherlock thing.

Back to the point. Will Forte hasn’t done too many things since “SNL” so it’s nice to see him since there’s something really likable about him. Phil Miller (the duo known as Phil Lord and Christopher Miller) are heading up the show which gives me confidence since I have loved everything I’ve seen from them including but not limited to: “22 Jump Street, “ “The Lego Movie” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

Segue alert, segue alert. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” didn’t really go on any sort of hiatus but it deserves a mention anyways since season two is ending in a few weeks. This show took me by surprise. It isn’t the most clever or intricately plotted show but it has its share of dumb and smart jokes with a lot of  interesting characters.

“Parks & Recreation” is currently airing what will probably be its last season; NBC is airing two episodes every Tuesday night, the equivalent of slow poison. Everyone thought last season was the last so I never want to say never except for right now. Season six ended perfectly, so the three year time jump will be an interesting challenge in season seven. It is one of my favorite comedies and it deserves more viewers.

This little comedy section would not be complete without a mention of season six of “Community,” arguably one of the best comedies ever (and if you argue against it then you’re wrong). This show has had a long and bumpy ride. It may not have much time left (#6seasonsandamovie) but it seems to have found a home that actually wants it and that makes me excited.

“House of Cards” is coming back on Netflix, and I cannot wait. The show isn’t exactly subtle or rooted in reality but that’s a bit much to expect from a rollercoaster ride of murder, sex and intrigue (which is, by the way, the best kind of rollercoaster). I’d say more about the show and its previous seasons, but I’d hate to spoil some of the juicy twists and turns.

Finally, if you’re looking for something more meaty and smart, “The Americans” and “Justified” are coming back which are two of the most under-watched shows on TV. One is about Russian spies and the other is about a modern day cowboy.

These shows are a good starting point, but my list isn’t comprehensive. There really is not enough space to list all the shows that are out there.

Don’t be afraid to try a new show; maybe try something outside your wheelhouse! It’s a new year, after all. So turn your TV on and live a little!