On web series, women run the show

Since I started living in a dorm, the spaces in my brain that used to be filled with “how to use a television” are now filled with more important pieces of information like “how to just eat the Easy Mac powder” and “how to hold my head under a sink so I never have to actually take a shower.”

Because of this, I have stopped watching a lot of television shows and have instead started watching various web series on Youtube. More specifically, I’ve been watching a lot of female-dominated web series on Youtube.

Here are the best ones:

“Broad City”

Popular now as a show on Comedy Central, “Broad City” stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Johnson as two Jewish feminists who live in New York and find shenanigans at every turn.

It’s a vignette style of storytelling in which every three- to five- minute video shows a brief misadventure that the girls encounter””whether it’s picking up a drug deal or going to brunch.

I don’t know if this is a popular opinion or not, but I enjoy the “Broad City” web series significantly more than the television show.

I think the humor is better without the pressure of a traditional story arc; however, Amy Poehler is an executive producer, so, in reality, everything about this show is perfect.

“Ghost Ghirls”

Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci star as a couple of ghost-fighting maniacs in this Jack Black-produced series. Every 10- to 15- minute episode centers on a new paranormal antagonist that the girls must bust in their own whimsical, inefficient ways.

While the episodes usually focus around the different strategies the girls come up with to comedically fail, the dialogue is incredibly witty and the actresses have excellent timing. I recommend blocking off two hours of your day to watch this series. It’s so addictive it’s”¦spooky.

“It’s Grace”

I’ve been looking at Grace Helbig’s face every day on a computer screen since I was a sophomore in high school. Her show features a variety of “how-to” videos, pranks, games and general vlogging.

Her quirky sense of humor never ceases to entertain her over two-million subscribers and it’s been joyful to watch both her talent and career grow over the years. It’s a treat that we still can watch her two to 10- minute shows that come out daily.

“The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”

Anything associated with either John or Hank Green is sure to be as educational as it is hilarious. This hundred episode long web series stars Ashley Clements as Lizzie Bennet, a fictional interpretation of Elizabeth Bennet from the Jane Austen novel “Pride and Prejudice.”

The show masterfully tells the classic story through a series of webcam confessions. Lizzie will come on and talk about her overbearing mother, her love for her sisters and, of course, her unwanted yet irresistible attraction to Mr. Darcy.

It’s a brilliant way to put a 200 year-old novel into a modern context, especially with their constant references to social media and current social etiquette.