TEACH welcomes students from all majors

Trinity Education Active Community Helpers (TEACH) was formed last semester as education honor society Kappa Delta Pi was dissolved.

The new organization aims to continue giving tours to elementary and middle schools in the San Antonio area while also engaging more in the community and encouraging outreach for education.

“Our goal is outreach and getting people to go out into the community and help with informing people about education,” said Aly Kirchhof, senior and education student.

Previously, KDP honor society was only open to junior and senior education students with a certain GPA, but now, any Trinity student with an education interest can join TEACH.

“We really want to encourage other students who are not in the education department to join, especially by helping out with tours and volunteering with things we do, because you don’t have to be someone who is going into the education field to be involved,” Kirchhof said.

The group, comprising roughly 35 members, meets every other Wednesday and is in the process of becoming a CCI-certified student organization.

Any Trinity student is able to give a tour by passing a background check, wearing a Trinity t-shirt and following the script for the tour while adding information from his or her own personal experiences.

Kirchhof is the tour coordinator for TEACH. Interested students can contact her about the organization and about giving tours at [email protected]

“The reason we do tours isn’t to get kids interested specifically in Trinity; it’s to get them interested in going to college,” Kirchhof said. “Many of the students coming are from less-privileged schools and we want to get them excited about college.”