Campus and Community Involvement undergoes changes


Photo by Eva Littman

New updates come to Campus and Community Involvement as Trinity Tomorrow begins to take action. The center formally known as Campus and Community Involvement will instead now be referred to as Student Involvement to reflect the multiple organizations under it that it hosts.

David Tuttle, associate vice president for student affairs and dean of students, contributed to the renaming of Campus and Community Involvement, believing that the new name more aptly fit the programs in Student Involvement.

“Naming it “˜Student Involvement’ made sense because they are in charge of student organizations, the involvement fair, new student orientation and ways to help people get integrated and involved so it seems like a good name,” Tuttle said.

With new centers and programs coming on to campus, the old “Campus & Community Involvement” title of campus community involvement went under evaluation.

“Once the university decided to have a Center for Campus Engagement and Career Success, then having Campus and Community Involvement just seemed confusing to me,” Tuttle said.

Along with the renaming of the center was the shift of some programs to the Center of Experiential Learning. The TUVAC program includes experiential learning and may be transitioned over to the other center in the future.


His former role was Coordinator for Community Service & Engagement. Thus, this transition further illustrates our name change from Campus & Community Involvement to Student Involvement. Many (though not all) of his duties will be a part of his new role or enveloped within the Center for Experiential Learning,” said Jamie Thompson.

The new title of Student Involvement will be taking effect gradually over the semester and will be in full swing by the fall. Different sources, such as the Student Involvement website, will change throughout the coming months.

“We hope that all of our paperwork and things in formalized ways like email addresses will be updated for the fall so a new student will only know us as Student Involvement,” Thompson said.

Structural changes will not be made to the office. Programs such as Greek Life and Student Government Association will remain the same. Over time students will begin accessing the new centers.

“I don’t think that students will experience us in any different ways,” Thompson said. “I think it’s really just a more accurate way to describe the work that we are doing.”

Once the new programs with Trinity Tomorrow begin functioning, students will be able to use them as resources.

“I think, over time, as the center evolves and builds and gains some momentum, things that maybe once students used to come to CCI for they will be going to the Center for Experiential Learning for,” Thompson said.

The renaming of student involvement is the first step in a long line of many towards Trinity Tomorrow. The plan itself aims to implement new programs to provide an active and engaging education for students.

The final draft of the strategic plan found online outlines the long-term goals of the project.

The outline states: “Our goal is to recognize the achievements that are already in place while envisioning further, coordinated initiatives in certain areas. Part I of the plan describes four strategic objectives that will guide our collective efforts in the next decade.”

Trinity Tomorrow has begun preliminary stages of and will continue to change different aspects of the university over the coming years.