Student begins fishing club

For all those who enjoy relaxing on a boat with a fishing pole in hand or crave the rush of reeling in a monstrous catch, soon there will be an opportunity to participate in Trinity’s first bass fishing club. Fishing enthusiast and freshman Craig Burton is in the process of approving his idea of bass fishing to become a Trinity club sport.

“Bass fishing is a really relaxing hobby; it’s always cool to be out on the water in a boat and nothing beats the feeling of when you catch a big fish,” Burton said.

Burton, who got the idea of a bass fishing team from his high school, advertised to the Trinity community in LeeRoy and has already generated interest in getting a group of fishers together to learn and eventually compete.

“My goal would be to compete nationally and to compete against other colleges and have opportunities to go to tournaments,” Burton said. “I would also like it to be a club that, if you want to come fish with us near San Antonio, we have those times and then separate competitive times.”

The club won’t be entirely competitive, as Burton encourages fishers of all levels to come together and relax while improving their skills and appreciate all the rivers and lakes around San Antonio.

The issue of who will provide the equipment is yet to be tackled as Burton hopes to request funding from SGA and rely on equipment that participating students own until the request is made.

“My main goal right now is to generate more interest and get it started,” Burton said.

For all those interested, contact Burton at [email protected] or attend an information session at 5 p.m. on March 26 in the Mars McLean lobby.