TULA aims to help students connect with Latino culture

One feature about Trinity that sets it apart from other universities, and San Antonio from other cities, is the degree of cultural diversity found in the area. Trinity has many clubs and organizations that celebrate this diversity, including the up-and-coming Trinity University Latin Association, or TULA.

TULA aims to celebrate the Latino community within the Trinity and San Antonio community as a way to educate students about Latino culture. Students of any ethnicity are welcome in the organization, according to co-presidents Megan Medrano and Karina Cabrera.

“We want to educate students and bring events that celebrate Latino culture,” Medrano said. “Anyone who is interested in learning and helping can come; you don’t have to be Latino.”

Medrano and Cabrera helped form the organization this year. So far there are about 45 members who meet once a month. One goal for the semester is to increase awareness and participation.

“We founded TULA because we saw that Trinity had several other cultural clubs, but no Latino association,” Cabrera said. “We wanted to start a group to celebrate Latino culture. Our goal for the semester is to grow in numbers.”

Other members of the organization are excited to learn about and promote Latin culture at Trinity.

“I joined because I feel like as you go on through more generations of Latinos, you can lose sight of where you came from. TULA helps students stay in touch with that Latino culture,” said junior Ana Ruiz. “Being part of this new organization has allowed me to meet new people with similar backgrounds to mine.”

In addition to helping students make connections both with their culture and with their peers, TULA plans both to create and to get involved in already-existing campus events like the Chocolate Fest and Taste of Diversity. TULA also hopes to organize events and speakers that will allow the whole Trinity community to get involved.

“In the future we would like to do a big event, like a fiesta- themed dance or something,” Cabrera said.

Students who are interested in joining or learning more about TULA can get involved by attending the regular meetings, held at 7 p.m. on the last Thursday of every month in upstairs Coates. Any questions about the organization may be emailed to [email protected]