Apartment fair helps students find off-campus housing

After fulfilling the three-year housing requirement, some juniors decide they are going to move off campus and begin their search for an apartment or house for their senior year.

Last Friday, March 20, in the Fiesta room the Junior Year and Senior Year Experience programs held the annual apartment fair for the fifth year.

“It’s been really successful in helping juniors find off-campus apartments that are close to Trinity but also for seniors who are graduating and would like to spend their time in San Antonio,” said Lyndsey Aguilar, residential life coordinator for the upper-class area.

Residential Life prepared a handout with 25 of the nearest apartment complexes to Trinity.

A total of 12 complexes were present at the fair, giving away free gifts and information about their residences.

A variety of complexes participated in the event to provide a balance of older apartments and some who are brand new constructions located anywhere from the River Walk to Alamo Heights to right around the corner from campus.

“The goal is to bring that pressure off of students of having to go drive to all these apartments and ask all the questions there. It’s a place where they can visit with the representatives and get an idea of it without having to spend time on the weekend, especially this time of year,” Aguilar said.

Many seniors choose to stay in San Antonio after graduation, and the apartment fair was geared to them as much as it was to juniors.

“As a senior staying in San Antonio after graduation, this showed me some living options I hadn’t considered. The fair provides a chance to learn about other apartments; I mean, how many times have we heard someone say that they live in Tobin? It’s important to remember that there are other options,” said senior Emily Williams.

All juniors face the decision of whether or not they should stay on campus or move off campus for their senior year with a wide variety of factors playing into making that choice.

For many, senior-year housing is more stressful than any other year because there are many options and factors that students must take into account.

The biggest decision is whether to live off campus or on campus. Convenience and cost tend to play a big role in that decision.

Whether you decide to live on or go off campus next year, there is also the factor of figuring out who you will live with,” said junior Sarah Friedlander.

Any students who were unable to attend the apartment fair and would like information about off-campus living can contact Lyndsey Aguilar at [email protected]