LeeRoy staff provides a look behind the scenes

“Just got LeeRoy! That means it’s midnight. I always know when it’s midnight because of LeeRoy,” said Andrea Acezevo, first year and LeeRoy staff member.

I sat down with the editors of the LeeRoy newsletter to find out the inner workings of how this weekday email serves to keep the entire Trinity community informed about campus happenings.

There are 3,135 Trinity students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni are subscribed to LeeRoy who receive an email every weekday around midnight filled with information and announcements about everything that is going on in the Trinity community.

LeeRoy staff editor Monica Saenz calls LeeRoy, “The daily publication that keeps all the students, faculty, staff, even parents up to date with what is happening daily at Trinity with the goal of informing the masses.”

Together, Saenz and Acezevo collect submissions, organize them, and edit the daily newsletter via a program called Express Engine. All faculty, staff and students can submit announcements to LeeRoy 10 days before they wish the announcements to appear via an online submission form to have their event in the email. The editors prefer to have five days of LeeRoy emails ready to go ahead of schedule, which is why people must submit requests so early.

The average maximum running time for events and announcements is five days in a row, except for events such as a theater performance, which runs for two weeks at a time. There are also events that run on the same day every week and appear in LeeRoy regularly.

“There are announcements about not to park in Alamo Stadium or that you can go to the McNay and those are always on Fridays. On Wednesdays we put Nacho Hour and on Thursday we put Milk “˜n’ Cookies with CCI””so there are announcements we have on certain days every week,” Acezevo said.

LeeRoy staff can also see exactly where the emails go and what time people open the email most often.

“It’s also fun because with this new program we got, Expression Engine, we can see where LeeRoy goes, what different cities it goes to. Because of the students who travel abroad, we have students reading in all sorts of places””its fun knowing LeeRoy goes out that far and not just on Trinity’s campus,” Saenz said. “As soon as LeeRoy arrives in people’s inboxes, that is when we get a large amount of readers. We can see exactly when people open LeeRoy.”

On average, the editors receive five new submissions daily and the number of announcements in each LeeRoy email varies based on how busy Trinity is that day or week. Fridays seem to have the longest LeeRoy since most sports happen over the weekend and those are always announced in the email.

Some may wonder exactly why we receive LeeRoy at different times everyday. Saenz sets LeeRoy to be automatically sent at 11:55 p.m. However, since the email is sent alphabetically some may receive it later than others. The order of events listed in LeeRoy is also done alphabetically and by section with the only exceptions being a large event such as the CSI grand opening that is listed at the very beginning of the email.

There is no doubt LeeRoy serves as a easy way to stay informed about what is going on daily at Trinity, and the editors encourage everyone to read it.

“It’s a good way to stay informed about what is happening on campus and the information is all in one place,” Acezevo said.