The best and worst Trinity bathrooms


Two of the three feminine product dispensers will be located in the Center for Sciences and Innovation.


By the time you finish reading this article, at least five Trinity students will have gone to the bathroom””five souls with friends, families and dreams.  They are now at the mercy of the potty. Will they find themselves in a pristine, clean restroom?  Or will they wind up crying in a smelly, unhygienic wasteland?  We know this pain and want nothing more than to cure it.  These are the best and worst of Trinity’s bathrooms””specifically the ones on upper campus. We hope that this information will help each and every Trinity student have a better shot at a smooth restroom experience.

To rank the bathrooms, we looked at the location, cleanliness and aesthetic appeal.

The 5 Best

CSI first floor: If you’re like me, you’ve always secretly wanted to live in a bathroom.  Well, look no further than the secret bathroom on the first floor of CSI, which comes complete with a shower.  If you bring in a mattress, you can literally live in this bathroom.  It’s also great because the relative isolation means it’s always clean and fresh.

Marrs McLean 348: If you’re looking for a place to just take in a beautiful view of our beloved campus, you need to spend some time here. The gaping windows and high altitude natural sunlight beaming across the pristine counters””I cannot imagine a better place to take care of some business.  It’s also very clean and seems rarely-used.

Library first floor: Imagine you’re up all night studying for that last final when, suddenly, the urge strikes.  This restroom is perfect for a nice, secluded study break with yourself that doesn’t reek due to the stench of over-caffeinated children.

Chapel first floor: Most people don’t just come to the chapel to use the bathroom, but those poor people are desparately uninformed.  It’s clean and very attractive.  There are fake flowers, an extra seat for a friend and a delightful oceany scent.

Halsell basement: While I began my trek to the Halsell basement only noticing the similarities between it and “The Phantom of the Opera,” I was strangely at peace there.  I knew that I was completely safe from other people walking in and was pleasantly surprised by clean it was.

The 5 Worst

Halsell 3rd Floor: The halls of Halsell have a smelly and moldy feel to them, but I love them because they were MY smelly and moldy halls.  The worst part of Halsell, though,  is the bathroom. The entrance is weirdly shaped and the bathroom is cramped. Oh, and the urinals are uncomfortably small and close.

Chapman Lecture Hall: The bathroom by the Chapman Lecture Hall feels cut from the same cloth as the Halsell one. The whole place feels way too small, especially for being located near a lecture hall where a hundred people could conceivably be convening. There are no partitions for the uncomfortably close urinals and the stall has doors that are way too easy to peek through.

Chapman fourth floor: Chapman is on a roll””the next worst bathroom can be found on the fourth floor. Maybe my toilet partner and I somehow missed it in our 10-minute search, but we couldn’t even find a women’s bathroom on the fourth floor. The male bathroom that is on the floor might be the most cramped multi-person bathroom yet.

Chapman first floor: Many of the less-than-stellar Chapman bathrooms are featured in older buildings so there is that caveat. I’m sure they will be updated someday and everyone will go and wonder how the bathrooms could have ever been so awful. The restroom doors in the back hallways of Chapman””with the classrooms””open outwards into the hall and I hate that with a passion. It probably stems from the many close calls and actual hits I’ve had when opening the door.  That bathroom always smells bad though. Always. I don’t know why.

Chapel second floor: Our beloved Chapel is guilty for the same offense as Chapman””seemingly no women’s restroom (yes, I use “bathroom” and “restroom” interchangeably””sue me) on the second floor. The first floor has really nice single-person male and female restrooms with a comfy chair in the corner included. It’s wonderful, but the second floor bathroom has that old tiled look that a lot of the other restrooms on this list have.