Facts no one gnomes

On average, 45,000 items are checked out from the library’s selection of over 900,000 volumes annually. Ever wonder how much money the library makes off of late returns? Turns out not a whole lot””but somewhere around the low thousands of dollars every year, less than $10,000. The money that does come from overdue fines and item replacement charges doesn’t even go to the library, but to Trinity’s general fund.

“We try to help students avoid having to pay overdue fines altogether by sending out courtesy notices about upcoming due dates, as well as having built-in grace periods on all loan types,” said Jason Hardin, manager of access services at Coates Library.

For those of you who do check out items from the library, semester-long lockers are available to help students avoid carrying books all over campus by keeping your items stored in the library. However the numbers suggest most checkouts occur during the end of semesters.

“Most checkouts occur in the last month of the semester, which makes sense, as students use library resources most heavily during the final exam period. Faculty also renew their books at the end of each term, and these transactions are recorded as new checkouts,” Hardin said.

Just as we saw a revamp of the second floor seating area in the library this year, there will be a new addition in the works this coming summer.

“In addition to the new quiet reading room on the second floor completed last summer, this summer a new study area on the first floor near the RICOH print shop will be completed, with cafe booth-style furniture and bright colors,” Hardin said.

Likely the most fun and least-known feature of the library is a mascot you can check out while studying for good luck.

“The library mascot and resident good-vluck charm, a garden gnome who goes by the name of Sherlock Gnomes, can be checked out from the circulation desk for two hours at a time,” Hardin said.

Fourteen professional librarians and contract staff members, 13 paraprofessional staff and 38 workers work at Coates Library to keep everything running smoothly and provide assistance on all things research.