Movies you should be streaming on Netflix right now

Lonely nights don’t exist for me anymore. Before, I used to wonder why no one wanted to be my friend. Now, I know that I am the happiest person in the world. After a long day, Netflix is always there to love me and show me a piece of life. With thousands””9,796 to be exact””of movies in their streaming library, Netflix always feels exciting and different””possibly too exciting and different, though.

Choosing a movie from the suggestion list that Netflix puts together based on your interest in the new “Carebear” movie and “The Bachelor” TV show is the safest bet. They even have Max, a digital personality, who chooses a movie based on interests and current mood. John, your local A&E personality, has his own recommendations from his most “recently viewed” list. These movies don’t really share a theme but they are all amazing.

Billy Bob Thornton plays Karl Childers, a recently released patient from a mental state hospital in “Sling Blade.” Thornton actually directed and wrote the screenplay for the movie as well. Childers befriends a boy and the rest of the story revolves around their life in this small town. They are very dark moments but the kindness seen from various people in town give this movie a real sense of hope. Thornton’s performance and lines are also endlessly quotable. I recommend it.

“Life Itself” is a documentary based off Roger Ebert’s book and life. I never really knew much about Ebert. I appreciated his work after reading his review for “Matchstick Men,” a movie that hasn’t been seen by any person I’ve ever met. I loved it a lot and so did he. It’s impossible to avoid his ratings though, I still never read much of his writings. This movie makes me regret that but  it makes me smile to know that there are thousands of articles out there that I have yet to read from him. The parts with Chaz, his wife, and Gene, his friend and rival, really shine. Ebert, throughout his life, even when he knew the end was near, was so full of love and

intelligence, even if it was misguided at times. He did what he loved and he wanted to share his love for movies with everyone. Not just cinephiles or students of film or other elites but with everyone.


documentary, “20 Feet from Stardom,” shows the heart behind a lot of songs””the background singers. It features the very first “real” background singers in the “˜50s who were all African Americans. These women””and a couple of men””are

amazing and talented but never stand in the spotlight. Their plights are simultaneously depressing and joyful. These people never break through on their own no matter how hard they try. Yet, to some degree, they’re OK with that since, ultimately, they do it because they love to sing””and my god, they can sing.

I love Colin Firth. I just want to get that out of the way before jumping into “Bridget Jones’s Diary.” There is something to his certain brand of charm””a true gentleman who may come off cold at first but deep down is a loving and caring guy. But he isn’t the focus here so I digress. Bridget Jones, played by Renee Zellweger, is a typical rom-com character. She desperately wants to meet “the one” but it hasn’t worked out yet. Spoilers: she gets with Hugh Grant, who is not a very nice guy, then she gets with Colin Firth at the end even though she thought he was not a very nice guy throughout the movie. The plot of this movie is by the numbers in almost every way but the characters elevate this into the upper echelon of romantic comedies. Bridget Jones has a lot of problems but, ultimately, her biggest fault is that she cares too much which I think is the best problem to have.

I started “Good Morning, Vietnam” but wasn’t able to finish it the night that I started it. I saw Robin Williams walking around Vietnam as a radio DJ but never got farther than that. I couldn’t find it the next day and found out that it expired from the catalog. I’m assuming that nothing bad happened in the movie and Robin Williams just made jokes for two hours. The one major downside to Netflix is the fact that some movies are only available for a limited time.

If you ever want more random movies to watch, I recommend Instantwatcher. They list all of Netflix’s movies and even have different ratings and categories to help you choose what to watch. Digital Trends has lists every month of “must””watch” films on Netflix. My personal method is judging by the cover. I love seeing all the different movies and just picking one that catches my eye. No research, no contemplation. It’s a small aspect of your life, but it’s exciting to just take a leap.

Try one of these movies I’ve talked about or just watch a random movie. Try something different and unexpected. I reckon life is more exciting that way.