A forced memoir about my time at Trinity

Out of love and respect for my roommate, I was forced to write this. So, here are a few words that may or may not matter to you. Props for reading the Trinitonian. Anyway, I have had the most opportune and fulfilling time here at Trinity. It has allowed me to form friendships with some of the most dedicated and caring individuals I have ever met. Moving to a new place was pretty easy for me due to my parents being in the military, however, my teammates made it one of the easiest transitions I have ever had. My freshman year friend group was pretty amazing (shout out to second floor McLean).

I have gotten to participate in traditions like climbing the tower and almost passing out from heat stroke as well as scaling the fountain on my birthday, even though it was December and I almost died of hypothermia. Even though I was near death in both experiences, I am glad to have the opportunity to experience them. I was also able to play basketball all four years while getting a great education. I have also been able to be a neuroscience major and get research experience in a great lab.

Sophomore year was pretty epic for me. We got a new coach, (shout out to Coach Cam), which meant a fresh new opportunity. Freshman year was rough for our team, FYI. Coach Cam’s new perspective and optimism was lethal and led our team to a Conference Championship. And then we made it back to the championships the next year and lost.

The team did the same thing my senior year, and even though it was definitely not our team goal to lose the championship, it was the best year of basketball I have had since being here. Also, shout out to Coach Stephen. I hope that bun game is strong as your beard game.

These experiences may have been great, but it is the relationships that I have made that define them. Nothing is worth it if you can’t share your times together with people to laugh and enjoy time with. This can stem from teammates, roommates and suitemates, other research assistants and anyone else I have become friends with. I don’t think I could survive without the fun times we have had. So I am thankful for y’all. Keep it real and may God bless you.

The experiences at Trinity will further help me as I move on in life. Even though I’ll have to wait a year due to classes like Anatomy and Physiology not being offered in English and my Spanish gene skipping a generation, I know that the lessons I learned in and out of the class will be with me long after I leave Trinity in two weeks.

So I want to take this time and space to say thank you, Trinity University, for providing me with a great education and relationships that will last me a lifetime. I’ll have to donate money sometime in the future to show my gratitude, but you have wiped me bank account clean for the next 40 years.

Don’t expect anything anytime soon.