The most important question to ask

For the majority of us who pass through Trinity, we have four years to experience life here. While four years isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, it’s still a decent chunk of time.

With the small student population and campus, it’s fair to assume that, by the time graduation rolls around, you should have a pretty nice understanding of how things work around here.

At this point in my Trinity career, I feel confident in saying that I’m ready to go. However, I am left with one unanswered question concerning campus life. It’s nothing crazy””I’m not anticipating that the answer will rock my world””but, still. I’d like to know. So, I’d like to use my allotted 500 words to ask the Trinity community a question that, in my four years here, I’ve been unable to find a satisfying answer to.

Now, I’m well aware of the fact that the majority of the student body population will not read this column””or even open the Trinitonian””so my results (if anyone were to actually respond to this) will be a little skewed.However, to those who do read this paper: what do you do on Friday between the hours of 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.?

Since my freshman year, my best friend and I have agonized over this question. Classes end at 2:30 and most people don’t eat dinner before six, leaving the campus a ghost town during the time in between. Often, we’d walk around the silent campus, wondering if we’d somehow missed the apocalypse and happened to be the last two humans left on earth.

I’ve done my fair share of detective work, yet very few of my fellow students have been able to provide a clear answer. The leading responses are as follows: homework, sleeping and hanging out off campus.

To the first response, I call bullshit; you are not all doing homework on a Friday afternoon. To the second answer, OK. Maybe a large portion of you are napping. I’ll let that one slide. And as for the third, I’m sure many students are doing something non-school related off-campus; I suppose that’s possible.

Though I’ve received several (bogus) answers, I still cannot help but think that I’m missing out on something. I have three Fridays left at Trinity before graduation and I’d really like to spend them well. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Please send all responses to [email protected] in a timely manner.