Health, counseling services seek to ensure student’s well-being


It can hit you like a ton of bricks, or it can feel like nothing at all”” the sudden waves of uneasiness or trepidation you may feel as a college first year are probably unfamiliar sensations to you. In the rush of setting up your new dorm, meeting an abundance of new people, and navigating your way through an entirely new campus, you may not know if the anxiety of starting a new journey or the sadness of leaving your home are normal feelings or not. Before these sensations begin to overwhelm you, potentially preventing you from enjoying your new start or having a successful first year, you should know that you’re not alone; the Trinity community has organized various resources for you to take advantage of in case you feel like you may need some advice.

Situated in a new location, the on-campus counseling services center can be found in the Halsell Center, directly behind the Chapman Center. With three psychologists on site to assist students with all types of difficulties or dilemmas, Trinity is prepared to offer you as much help or reassurance you need to secure your happiness and well-being. The subject and content of each meeting is completely confidential, and the staff works with you to help organize appointments at your convenience. Students interested in talking to a member of counseling services are encouraged to either make an appointment by calling (210) 999-7411 or going to Halsell between 3 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. during their walk-in hours.

As you continue to experience the excitement of moving in, adjusting to a new setting and meeting countless others just like you, you may unexpectedly stop feeling like yourself. All of a sudden, each orientation activity leaves you out of breath, none of the dining options on campus sound appetizing or you have trouble getting out of bed. With the new environment you’re in, it’s entirely possible that you’ve been exposed to some illnesses or germs. Without parents around to help nurse you back to health, you might be unsure of what to do if you get sick on campus. Fortunately, Trinity is prepared to help you feel like your best self in no time.

Located in the Myrtle McFarlin residence hall, the Elizabeth Rhea Health Services center supplies students with first aid or medicinal assistances when you feel you may be injured or sick. The staff in the Health Services department offers confidential appointments for all students in order to promote a safe and secure environment for you to get the best medical help. The Health Services department is open every day except Saturday, with walk-in hours and appointments to provide regular and consistent health care. Whether you’re trying to get a flu shot or you need first aid, the Health Services staff is prepared to help you in any way they can to ensure your ultimate well-being.

Beginning this new journey is already a stressful, chaotic concept; if you throw in the possibility of dealing with anxiety or a cold, you might feel completely overwhelmed. Luckily, Trinity is prepared to help you adjust to college life as smoothly as possible. No matter what you may be feeling, you’re not alone, and the university staff is here to remind you of that and assist you.