Apps to help you be less broke

We all know how it goes. When you ended last year with only 25 cents and a crumpled up Whataburger coupon to your name, you told yourself you were going to do better. You promised yourself that you would get a job, save all summer and remember to budget your expenses next time. Now summer has come and gone, and you’re beginning to remember just how hard it is to save money between buying textbooks and paying for your own Netflix subscription. On the off chance that you can’t talk your parents into giving you their credit cards, here are a few free apps to keep you from going into the red:


For those who just can’t curb their shopaholic tendencies, Shopkick can at least reward them. This app gives its users “kicks,” or points for going into certain stores, and sometimes for even scanning a particular item you find. After earning a certain number of “kicks” users receive a gift card of their choosing as a reward, such as $10 to spend at Best Buy or $5 to spend at Starbucks. Every little bit helps!

Krazy Koupon Lady

Whether or not you’ve figured out how to create a budget, Krazy Koupon Lady can help users find the deals. This app allows users to choose some of their favorite stores, and then updates you on current promotions and discounts. The app also gives its users access to coupons and free tips on how to save money while shopping. While the selection of stores within this app is more limited, it’s a great way to find deals, especially for college students just beginning to shop on their own dime.

Chegg: Textbook Rentals

Use this app to reduce the size of the hole left in your wallet (and heart) while shopping for textbooks. This handy app allows students to find textbooks at a better price than many bookstores. For books over $85, they also offer discount codes for free shipping. (Be sure to double check online though, to make sure you’re getting the best deal!) Other features include online tutors and a database of solutions to your textbook’s practice problems.


Too busy lifting to get a part-time job? Get rewarded for going to the gym! This app literally pays you to make gains. Register on the app, and then make a “pact” as to how many times you want to go to the gym a week. If you fulfill your goal, you earn money!

However, there’s a catch. If you fail to make your goal, you have to pay money for each day you missed. (How much are you willing to bet?) Gympact provides great motivation to get in shape and stick to your fitness goals, but it may not be for those who can’t make it to the Bell center to save their lives.


Save yourself some precious time using the Studyblue app, which combines study groups with the internet.

Studyblue users can create their own study guides and flashcards for a specific subject and share them with other students in their class. Study materials always stay online, so you never have to waste time going through your recycling bin trying to remember where you put your notes. If you and your classmates are too busy to make your own custom flashcards, Studyblue also offers users the option of browsing similar materials from other students.

While it won’t make you any pocket change, committed usage could save you a couple bucks on flashcards, the lives of a few trees and a long trek to Prassel to get your lab partner’s notes. Time is money!