Campus jobs available

Free time, sleeping late and home cooked meals are a few things students enjoy during summer and then miss when school starts. Among this list of underappreciated summer luxuries is the consistent income of a summer job.

To maintain an income to supplement weekend activities or just to get more involved at Trinity, students can apply for a variety of on-campus jobs.

“Just about all the departments have student workers,” said Maria Soto, human resources coordinator. “The jobs are mostly clerical in all the departments, [including] art and art history, alumni relations, the business office and education.” Students employed by the university work 10 hours per week.

Soto says these jobs help students develop skills they can use in the future.

“They get some knowledge of the corporate world that they can take with them, depending on
what area they will be pursuing,” Soto said.

Students of any class year can apply for jobs. Some require specific skills; however, others do not. Once hired, students must fill out an I-9 and W-4 form. Positions are posted on the human resources website, and students interested in applying should visit