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Whether you’re a new student on campus or a returning student preparing for another year of college, one of the things you’re focused on is building relationships. For some people, a new school year means fresh opportunities to create connections with other people. For others, this school year is about strengthening the bonds you’ve already made. One of the best ways to continue seeking connections on campus is to get involved. Trinity offers an abundance of organizations for students to join that offer countless chances to build relationships.

For some, Greek life is the source of their best relationships.

“I decided to rush because Greek life is something that really appealed to me,” said Kendall Hayes, sophomore and Chi Beta Epsilon member. “Whether it was on or off campus, each sorority has a spirited presence and wonderful individuals. I wanted to be a part of that.”

Greek life also offers different ways for members to strengthen a variety of skills.

“My favorite part about being in a sorority is that you can make sorority life the way you want it. If you want to focus on service, you can. If you want to socialize, you can. If you want to work on your leadership skills, you can. Greek life is so diverse in that sense,” said

Even if Greek life doesn’t feel right for you, Trinity is home to several co-ed fraternities, such as the service group Alpha Phi Omega.

“APO does not go through the traditional bidding process that social fraternities go through. It is open for whoever wishes to join. Many of APO’s social events normally take place in the form of service projects or fellowships, which are casual get-togethers with your fellow brothers,” said sophomore Alec Ebersole.

Many students join clubs like APO because they offer the same opportunities as social fraternities without as many social commitments.

“I would recommend APO to anyone that is open to the idea of leadership and community services and anyone who enjoys giving back to the community. It is great to meet people from all over campus who are kind, warm, open and social,” said Ebersole.
Other students find that being involved with athletic organizations is a good opportunity to make friendships.

“Last year, I played goalkeeper in both an indoor and outdoor intramural soccer team. I had a really fun time last year. I met some upperclassmen who I would not have likely met at another time,” said Dakota Grusak, sophomore.

Many find intramural sports appealing as they offer students an opportunity to be athletic and have fun without the expectations of playing competitively.

“I think intramural sports would be very good for anyone who played in high school but did not want to devote the time necessary to play on the school team. Being athletic isn’t required, but I do think some previous knowledge of the sport is required to have a good time,” said Grusak.

Some students may also believe that being active in a religious organization, such as InterVarsity, is important.

“I think it’s valuable to participate in religious organizations because our world is filled with religious people, and it’s essential to learn about their different beliefs,” said Douglas Steinman, senior.

Many find religious organizations to be appealing because of the great support they offer.

“I think InterVarsity has provided me with a strong community of people who truly care about me. We have fun together, but this is also a community that has challenged me to grow significantly in my time at Trinity. Loving someone well doesn’t just mean having fun hanging out together, but it also means walking together through tough life changes. In InterVarsity I have found great friends and also amazing mentors, and I bet other religious organizations could say the same,” said Steinman.

No matter what type of organization students find most appealing, there is sure to be something for everyone at Trinity.