It’s really only 95% alcohol

Due to space constraints, we have decided to forgo our in-depth discussion of race, religion, sex, gender and politics for a slightly lighter editorial this week. To be honest, that was never the plan, but that makes it sound like we actually have our shit together. (We don’t.)

Putting a paper together isn’t the easiest task in the world, believe it or not. It requires excellent communication, teamwork and the slightest bit of masochistic insanity. If you know us then you’d think we at least have the latter locked down.

When it comes to our paper, not much comes second. People want to hang out? Only if they come down to our basement lair. We have an interview during class? Better hope we have an excused absence available. This isn’t all to say that the paper consumes our lives “” it simply takes up a whole hell of a lot of time. This also isn’t to say, complain or brag about what we do and the fact that we “work so hard” or “slave away.” It’s simply to express our gratitude and respect for the opportunity to stay up until 4 a.m. coming up with stupid crossword hints or photoshopping the graphic of that one baseball player so it faces the right way (or not).

Believe it or not we actually love what we do “” we just equally love to complain and rant about it all as well. The fact that we have the chance to practice journalism, design, writing and editing on such a scale is astonishing and we thank everyone: our readers, our haters, our entire staff, our advisor and even the people who only pick up our paper to cover their heads from rain. Yes, even you. And with this thanks I extend our message to the community.

If there is something you love, something you are passionate about, then let it consume you. Revel in your late night dungeon raids, your Saturday night ragers, your Sunday morning revelations or even your Monday afternoon research. Whoever said “˜everything in moderation’ must have forgotten about college. College is a chance for us to give our all, whether in our classes, our partying or our daily naps.

After the T-Pain concert we bore witness to a field littered with trash and even the occasional body (passed out, not dead of course), in addition to the news of various arrests and other incidents. We aren’t of course condoning senseless debauchery and destruction, as well as an inability to learn from one’s mistakes””we are stating that college is the chance for you to make such mistakes. It’s fine to drink Everclear straight from the bottle or to spend the week partying (or studying if that’s your cup of tea). There’s a reason the Greeks had a god of debauchery and wine. Overindulgence is fun. We get it. So go ahead, drink it up. Have fun. Just learn from your mistakes and accept responsibility for your actions. Being in college doesn’t excuse you from owning up to your mistakes; it is a chance though to make them. Of course, be smart, safe and sound in your choices. Just don’t be afraid to do what you love and to do it with all you’ve got.

To end, daily newspapers of universities across the country, how in God’s name do you guys produce a paper every night? You have my deepest respect and sincerest apologies.