The winner takes it all in competition between halls

One of Trinity’s most anticipated traditions is the Hallympics, an annual event in which members of each hall get to compete as a team in a wide range of activities, such as trivia bowl, soccer, and kickball. The hall that wins the most events at the conclusion of Hallympics becomes the champion. The competitors include each of the first-year halls and one general “upperclassmen” hall, as the event also serves as a big opportunity for freshmen to branch out and meet the other students in their class.

With great success and an increasing participation each year, the Hallympics has become one of Trinity’s most exciting events.
“The Hallympics is a full experience to have fun. It’s an opportunity to get excited for the school year and to get amped up about what Trinity has to offer its students,” said Chaz Davis, accounting major and program assistant of intermurals.
With this position, Davis helps staff and trains referees for Hallympics events; this ensures fair games are being played at each event.

“The referees actually know the protocol, so games go at a better pace and students get a full sporting experience,” Davis said.
Though the events and set-up have been a fun experience, the most significant part of Hallympics is still the fact that it’s an opportunity to meet others.

“As a first year, I remember [Hallympics] allowing residents to bond together because people from all halls and floors get to interact. It just provides a better community in terms of getting to know fellow students,” Davis said.

This Hallympics also serves as the first opportunity for the new students on campus to participate.

“We didn’t win, but it was a great way for my hall to bond together and show hall pride,” said Antonio Pedraza III, a first year resident of Herndon.

For many participants, Hallympics was an opportunity for students to have fun before the school year becomes stressful.
“Soccer was my favorite event. I like playing soccer, and it was the most fun and competitive. We played Beze and it was like a battle,” Pedraza said.

The success and fun of this year’s event has already excited participants for next year.

“I would definitely play for Hallympics again, especially soccer,” Pedraza said.

Upperclassmen, the winning hall of the tournament, proved they could be competitive and have fun while meeting the new first years.

“Hands down, the best part of Hallympics is always meeting new people. I not only get to introduce myself to the new first years and sophomores that I don’t know, but I also get to work in a team environment with different people. I believe that working in a competitive team environment brings out a different side of people that I wouldn’t normally get to see,” said sophomore Emily Geiger.

Students are already looking forward to having the opportunity to participate in next year’s Hallympics.

“I will absolutely compete again next year. I love watching and playing sports and hope next year I will be able to play on the upperclassmen soccer team without being intimidated by my own teammates!” Geiger said.

Hallympics takes the competitiveness of sports and combines it with the fun of meeting new people. With great excitement building up to it each year, it’s sure to be a highly awaited tradition remaining on campus for years to come.