We’re not perfect. Far from it. And with that being said we at the Trinitonian would like to take the time to apologize for our egregious errors and wrongdoings. Wrongdoings, of course, that typically entail unaligned columns or misspellings in the editorials. We feel ashamed and embarrassed. But we promise to not let it happen again. Ok, we don’t promise. But we will try really, really hard. And that’s something right? Our copy editors are working around the clock to make sure we have the best edition ever. We might not have an error free issue but I’ll be damned if we don’t try. Sort of.

On an unrelated note, but a note of apology nonetheless, to the Trinity campus and all those suffering from the “unrelated to Aramark” stomach illness, our hearts go out to you. Being this sick is never fun, particularly towards the beginning of school. The amount of people absent in our classes makes us think it’s flu season. While we won’t speculate or propagate any potentially false or unfounded information (read our next issue for that!), the connection between our favorite food supplier and this illness seems concerning. Take your time and don’t worry about missing class. Really, we’re begging you, stay home. Even if it isn’t viral, we’re not taking any chances.

This is an exciting time for Trinity. At least, exciting by our standards. A mysterious virus around campus, rampant crime, a hip hop superstar gracing us with its presence. And while we may be exaggerating a bit here and there, there is plenty of exciting news to go around. Stay tuned as we cover it all.

Another piece of advice, aside from avoiding illness and keeping us all healthy, is, if you have a problem, whether with the food on campus, self-injuries or anything else, please take some time to address it yourself. The great thing about Trinity is that we have the options and experts to help and guide us in all our problems. And in some instances these opportunities should be utilized to their full extent. But to be in college and not attempt to do some things ourselves seems bit strange. Especially regarding the simple things. Leave your parents in Parent Talk. They can help you learn to cook meals and do laundry. But that should be about it. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Again, apologies this editorial has been all over the place. It’s been a crazy week. And THAT isn’t an exaggeration.