Funny friends form improv comedy group

This semester, a group of funny first years, silly sophomores, joking juniors, and side-splitting seniors have collaborated to create a new improv comedy group called The Carefree Radicals.

The long-form improv comedy group was created after several students were inspired by a famous troupe called The Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company earlier in the year.

“We just wanted to explore improv comedy more,” said junior Alejandro Cardona. “We knew that a small group of performers would be the only way to achieve that.”

The original members of the group were also close friends before starting this endeavor last spring.

“We are a close group of friends that are really passionate about doing improv, improving our skills at it, and working toward a common goal- and having fun doing it,” said junior David Deming.

The Carefree Radicals performed their first show of the semester last Tuesday and received many positive reviews and remarks from members of the audience.

The style of comedy, long-form improv, involves the participants focusing on performing improvised comedic routines for an extended period of time, usually around 20 minutes.

The Carefree Radicals have been working and practicing hard and have learned and improved since their beginning.

“Alot of research went into it initially. There has been a lot of failing and keeping going,” Cardona said. “In the beginning, we had no clue what we were doing. We had to try different exercises and games and practice different things until we started looking more like what they [The Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company] were doing.”

First-year student Nico Champion jumped right in and says he has enjoyed learning and practicing with others in the group.

“I never knew that long-form improv really existed in a form where I could access it. It was exciting to discover that there was a way that I could get involved with other people who enjoyed art such as this,” Champion said.

The members of The Carefree Radicals encourage students to come enjoy their work.

“It is exciting for people to watch because it is a consistent narrative that kind of comes out of nowhere so it’s fun to watch,” Champion said.

“Students should come see us because we have found something that we’re passionate about and want to work to improve on,” Deming said. “We want to work to bring entertainment to the Trinity community.”