(P)urses, (S)carves and (L)eggings: fall fashion trends

September is over, and while the weather remains at 90 degrees here in San Antonio, the pumpkin spice latte has officially arrived in Starbucks everywhere. There’s only one thing that could mean: Fall is here! While there’s still a couple months before the heat begins to die down, that doesn’t mean that you can’t adjust your wardrobe to fit the festive vibe. To celebrate the start of the season, here are a few fun ideas to transition your summer wardrobe into fall.

Wear jeans

You threw them into the bottom of your hamper at the end of last winter and haven’t washed them since, but now they can re-emerge! That’s right folks, you can finally pull the long pants out.  Whatever the brand, these classic pantalones will automatically bring your spaghetti-strap top from beach season to the present. Don’t switch out your flip flops for boots just yet though, because it’s still hotter than Zac Efron’s abs outside. (It’s important to note that this advice only goes for people who grew up in warm climates. If you’re from anywhere with cooler temperatures, DO NOT WEAR JEANS YET. You will get sweaty and die.)


A comfy hat is perfect for those chillier mornings when you have to walk to class””especially if you’re one of those suckers who deluded yourself into thinking that 8:30 classes were a good idea. The best part of this is that you don’t have to wash your hair before you start moving out the door. If you want to channel your middle-school emo phase, add some mismatched fingerless gloves. They won’t look cool, or even protect your fingertips from the cold, but”¦okay, maybe just stop at the hat while you’re ahead.


Hooray! We’re finally at the part of the year where no one has to shave their legs anymore! Just slap on some cute leggings under your favorite dress and continue wearing it until December. This works well with short shorts, too””a well placed pair of tights immediately makes your normal shorts into an edgy fashion statement about how you don’t own real pants. This tip is gender-neutral, boys; I dare anyone to sport leggings under basketball or cargo shorts and tell me they’re not the coziest they’ve ever been in their life.


Not only do they keep your neck warm, but they provide a convenient pillow for when you fall asleep in class. Plus, your scarf basically makes your outfit. If you wear identical neutral shirts two days in a row, no one will ever know as long as you change the color of your scarf. That’s the max amount of fashion decisions anyone can expect from a tired college student anyway.  

A garbage bag

Where there is sweater weather, there is also that awkward season where it won’t stop randomly raining. However, carrying around a rain jacket just won’t do. Your shoulders are tired from all those textbooks, and your backpack sure as hell doesn’t have the room. Solution: Cut a hole into a trash bag and say hello to your new ultra-light poncho.    It’s light, portable and fashion friendly. Wear it in a downpour. Wear it to class. Wear it during Trinity 360 tours. (You should probably cut arm holes into it, too. If you want to).