Trinity students enjoy roaring celebration

On Friday, September 25, Trinity students of all ages came together to celebrate the university’s annual homecoming week with a long-standing tradition: the Tigerfest dance. With a unique theme each year, Tigerfest serves as a great opportunity for students to dance the night away with friends, both new and old. This year’s theme was the Roaring 20’s, and members of the Student Programming Board worked hard to create the most unforgettable night possible.

Several months of planning are devoted to organizing the event so that it’s as successful and enjoyable as possible.

“The first two things we did were booking the venue and choosing a date for the event. This happened last semester around April or May and we’ve been working on Tigerfest from then till the day of Tigerfest,” said Devina Kumar, junior and traditions chair of the Student Programming Board. After securing the venue, the board works on setting up the event.

“We got the venue, food, DJ, lighting, security, buses and photobooth first, then came PR and give-aways, and finally giving out tickets and setting-up at the venue,” Kumar said.

As the traditions chair, Kumar had several important responsibilities when it came to planning Tigerfest.

“Everything from setting a date for Tigerfest to the decorations at the venue was my responsibility. In a nutshell, venue, lighting, food, DJ, theme, buses, photobooth, getting security, ordering give-aways falls under the responsibility of the tradition chairs,” Kumar said.

Despite having several tremendous tasks for setting up Tigerfest, the traditions chair made sure she was able to enjoy the evening herself.

“I’ve been attending Tigerfest since my first year and I always have a blast. I did dress up according to the theme! I was also very impressed by how everyone else did too,” Kumar said.

As someone who has attended several Tigerfest dances as a student, the current traditions chair has a great appreciation for the event and how it affects Trinity.

“The best thing about Tigerfest is that it caters to all students. It is somewhere between attending a college-supervised event and going to a club,” Kumar said.

Tigerfest uniquely attracts students with varying interests in entertainment, and it’s hard not to appreciate that.

“What is cool is that this event brings together students who go to either one those types of events,” Kumar said.

The Roaring 20’s theme proved successful, as many students who attended Tigerfest had a blast.

“I went to the one last year as well; I personally enjoyed this year’s dance more,” said sophomore Addison White.

The theme provided a great opportunity for students to dress in a new style, which many enjoyed.

“I pinned my hair into a faux bob with a headband and wore lots of pearls,” White said.

Students had reacted well to the many other elements of the 20’s incorporated at the event.

“I really liked this year’s Tigerfest! I think everyone involved did a really great job of incorporating the theme into the dance. From the venue, to the decorations, to the occasional swing music played by the deejay, I’d say the theme was a success,” White said.

For other students, this Tigerfest was their first.

“It was a lot like a more mature high school dance,” said William Marsh, first-year. “I dressed in theme and wore a black English cut suit, white shirt, silk bow tie. There were a lot of other people dressed [like me], enough that it made it feel in theme. The great big staircase didn’t hurt. It felt very Gatsby-like.”

Attendees also noted how Tigerfest successfully brought students of all ages together to create a fun, memorable evening.

“Taking pictures with friends at the hall was the most fun part of the evening,” Marsh said.

Whether you’re a new student or a returning guest, it’s clear that this year’s Tigerfest was one for the books. The Roaring 20’s theme guided another successful dance, ensuring this tradition will continue for years to come.