Students explore, connect with employers at Career Fair

On Wednesday, October 21, Trinity University held a career fair in Laurie Auditorium. With several employers present to offer internships to Trinity students, this event offered multiple opportunities for students to begin the process of finding jobs, interning and making connections with companies they’re interested in working for in the near future. With over forty company and business representatives offering internships, employment and career advice, the career fair allowed many students to begin the process of job searching in a professional, efficient environment.

For some students, the event was an ideal chance to learn more about what their prospective employers and careers could be like.

“Even as a sophomore, I thought the career fair was a great opportunity to network with potential employers in my community,” said Meredith Goshell, a sophomore.

By offering undergraduates, especially underclassmen, the opportunity to learn more about the job market, students were able to narrow down potential majors based on what careers seem most appealing to them.

“I went to talk to the employers about summer internship opportunities,” said Mia Yammine, a sophomore.

The open and relaxed environment of the fair made it comfortable for students to approach potential employers.

“I really liked how friendly and welcoming all the employers were. It made the environment a lot less stressful,” Yammine said.

The career fair provided students with several opportunities to make connections with new people, and also allowed current students to interact with graduates.

“Trinity does a great job of encouraging alumni to come back and present their companies at the career fair. It was great seeing some old friends and hearing all about the professional achievements they’ve accomplished since their graduation from Trinity,” said Olivier Dardant, junior.

By including alumni in the event, students were able to see how their Trinity education could prepare them for the future, especially as many alumni had secured jobs or internships with familiar companies.

“The career fair had a good mix of companies and plenty of alumni to give everyone insight into their professional careers. From Valero to Trinity Real Estate Finance, there were plenty of opportunities to make a connection and land a job or internship,” Dardant said.

With many familiar organizations in attendance, such as the Teach for America, Frost Bank and HEB, certain employers appeared lucrative to many students. However, as an event that was primarily established around certain majors, some students felt there weren’t as many opportunities available.

“I expected to find a wide variety of businesses to look at, but I was honestly disappointed at the selection because it seemed mostly geared at engineering and business majors,” said Caitlin Heller, a junior. “My interests revolve around law and politics, and I didn’t really see any things for me there.”

By seeking to include more companies that would appeal to a variety of majors, Trinity could find that a greater interest would be generated in students, prompting higher attendance and increased enthusiasm.

Students who missed out on the opportunities from this event shouldn’t be discouraged; more information about employment and internship opportunities can be obtained from Career Sevices. Other career fairs and opportunities for employment and interning are often presented by Trinity, so students are encouraged to always remain on the lookout for announcements about upcoming career events.