Common application introduced for Trinity leadership positions


Finding your place on a college campus can be a difficult, but hugely rewarding endeavor. Some students find that joining a fraternity or sorority helps them improve their social skills while others find that playing a sport allows for great stress relief and physical exertion. However, some students realize that representing their university as a leader is the best way to get involved on campus. Trinity has released a new application that allows students interested in joining a leadership-based activity to easily apply to the leadership organization of their choice; whether you’re interested in residential life or conduct board, the options to be a leader on campus are considerable.

Some students have found the most rewarding way to get involved on campus is to join residential life as a Resident Mentor (RM) for younger students.

“I decided to apply to be a Resident Mentor because I greatly enjoy being a resource for people, helping them through tough situations, giving advice and being a leader,” said Kassie Kelly, a sophomore music major.

As an RM, Kelly is responsible for ensuring that her first year residents are having the most successful, positive first year possible, and seeing her students respond well to Trinity’s environment and her guidance has been totally worthwhile.

“The most rewarding part of the position for me is to see my residents grow personally, academically and into independent students. Knowing that my guidance as an RM may have helped them transition smoothly into college life is very uplifting,” Kelly said.

While there are several perks to being an RM, there are also several responsibilities.

“Don’t just apply for the single room only; being a ResLife student staff member is quite a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly or for granted. Your work will impact students’ lives in ways you may not realize,” Kelly said.

While the responsibilities and reward are great, the process of becoming an RM is an endeavor, so staff members in Residential Life work to ensure that the process isn’t overwhelming.

“The application process to become an RM was slightly daunting to me because I really wanted the position. In reality, it’s not bad at all. There are several components to the process: a couple interviews, a group activity with other applicants and recommendation letters,” Kelly said.

Students interested in applying to become a Resident Mentor are encouraged to contact Lyndsey Aguilar at [email protected] Other students have found that interacting with alumni as Student Ambassadors is a fulfilling way to stay involved on campus, as they’re allowed to communicate with alumni.

“I love Trinity and wanted to get more involved as a campus leader, so I decided to apply for Student Ambassadors. It seemed like a great way to meet other students and also an opportunity to interact with alumni,” said Brenna Hill, a junior sociology and urban studies major.

By interacting with alumni, student ambassadors learn about ways to improve the Trinity experience for the entire campus.

“Serving as a Trinity University Student Ambassador has been a great experience. I believe it is a wonderful way to give back to the university and stay engaged with the Trinity community,” Hill said. “I enjoy being part of a group that helps encourage alumni and students to give back to Trinity because I know that without this philanthropy, many students would not be able to experience a Trinity education. In addition, I enjoy interacting with alumni. I really enjoy talking to them and hearing stories from their time at Trinity as well as gaining tidbits of advice and wisdom that they often impart.”

Several events are hosted by the Student Ambassadors to encourage students to learn more about the leadership organization and how they can give back.

“If you’re interested in joining Ambassadors, I would encourage you to attend our events! We hold several events for students in the fall and spring and these events are great ways to meet current ambassadors and also gain experience interacting with alumni,” Hill said.

Students interested in applying to become a Student Ambassador are encouraged to contact Cynthia Uviedo at [email protected] or Christine Martinez at [email protected]

Other students have found that ensuring the safety and security of others through the Student Conduct Board is a unique, advantageous opportunity.

“The student conduct board consists of eight students who are selected by the Student Government Association and appointed by the president. The board makes decisions on non-academic incidents on campus. Members of student conduct board preside over cases. They are expected to uphold university policies and maintain privacy,” said Megan Kruse, coordinator of technology and special projects.

Participating in the student conduct board greatly encourages students to become more confident in their opinions and options.

“There are lots of benefits to being a member of the Student Conduct Board. The benefits can be as small as gaining confidence in your vocalizing opinions, to discovering that law school might be in your future,” Kruse said. “It absolutely encourages maturity and discernment, and I feel lucky that I get to see students grow throughout their year of service on the board.”

Getting involved on campus can seem like an intimidating notion, but as a student leader, the chance is provided to make a difference for all members of the university community; if you’re interested in improving the campus for the entire community, you’re encouraged to reach out to the organization of your choice to learn more or apply.