Trinity University Mabee dining hacks


Sometimes, your taste buds feel like they’ve done (and eaten) it all. No cereal has been left untasted, no pasta left unstirred. Einstein’s has lost its magic “” it’s only possible to eat so many bagel dogs in a lifetime, and for most college students that threshold is approaching all-too-swiftly. Even the insta-macaroni and cheese you used to hoard as a freshman lacks appeal now, sitting in a sad pile on your dusty shelf.

Eating, once the finest form of procrastination, no longer seems enticing.

If you identify with any of the above, it may be time to try something new. Whether you’re sick of all your usual favorites, or your plate’s just looking a little stale, mix it up a bit with some of these fun Trinity dining hacks!

Taco Salad

Every day can be Taco (salad) Tuesday with a little creativity! The dining hall only carries tortillas at breakfast hours, but salad greens and salsa are always readily available! Pile up a plate with lettuce, tomato and whatever other toppings you’d like. Sprinkle a bit of cheese over the top, add a dollop of salsa and voila! You have a fiesta on a plate.

Mabee also occasionally supplies sour cream and brown rice, so add those when possible to round out your dish. Adapt this plate during breakfast time by adding the same salsa and cheese to your regular breakfast taco. Bam!

Personalized guacamole

If it’s possible to pick up a few extra ingredients, that taco salad can get even better! Hop on the newest Trinity trend “” making guacamole in the dining hall. (Some assembly required.)

Invest in a few avocados, and maybe a lime; the juice will add a little zest! Pit the avocado, mash the rest as desired, and then fold in some salt, and maybe a little tomato or onion. Delicious.

Sweet popcorn

For a sweet treat, go to the POD and pick up some popcorn and M&Ms. Pop your corn and then combine!

You’re now ready to make any Netflix and Chill session even sweeter. This recipe isn’t limited to just chocolate; almost anything goes. Sugar, cinnamon, peanuts or even chocolate or caramel sauce could also make great customizations. Experiment and find out what you like!  (Best results if you mix everything together while the popcorn is still warm.)

Rice and veggies

Brown rice from the vegan bar complements almost any vegetable Mabee has to offer “” broccoli, peas, carrots, and so on. It’s almost fried rice, except not. Good luck finding sauce, though.

Ask the staff

Sometimes when it seems like nothing will hit the spot, it’s worth it to talk to the kitchen staff. Mabee staff working the burger line may grab students a plain chicken breast and other items by request.

These can easily be turned into a chicken salad or sandwich. Some speciality dishes can also be prepared without certain ingredients. The only tool necessary for this hack is to kindly speak up and find out what options are available. You’re not doomed to choke down that mystery meat stroganoff after all!

Eat off campus

Kiss all your hard-earned cash goodbye and hit up a local joint for something delicious and expensive.