Trinity women establish organization aiming to aid refugees worldwid



The International Humanitarian Crisis Initiative (IHCI) is a new student organization that will fundraise to gather resources for internally displaced people (IDPs). This includes people who are forced to flee their home, but remain within the borders of their country.

The organization was created by sophomore Yara Samman and junior Anthoula Christodoulou during this past summer. They both did research on campus for  science programs, but were equally passionate about helping refugees. Sophomore Zeina Zayat lived with Yara Samman over the summer as well, and is now event coordinator of the organization.

“I roomed with Yara over the summer, and we both have family members in Syria,” Zayat said.

The organization was originally exclusive to Syrian refugees, but quickly opened its services up to all refugees needing help.

The co-founders intend on using their first year to find volunteer opportunities with refugees in San Antonio.

“We’d like to partner up with some off-campus organizations and extend our help to the San Antonio community.”

The club would like to have an effect both nationally and internationally, and eventually build up a following on campus. They are also willing to partner up with other groups and individuals on campus that want to volunteer to aid refugees.

The largest long-term goal the organization has is to open a school in Lebanon. Aside from specific crises, they are very interested in supplying education to the refugees and asylum-seekers of the world. The short-term goal now is to fundraise so that IHCI can seek more nationally-involved organizations and create more opportunities to contribute to any refugee crises. The group would like to have a role in the Trinity community that bridges aspiring volunteers to the actual service events and causes.

“We hope the organization grows to have several projects and becomes a large presence on campus,” Samman said.

Anthoula Christodolou added that she wants the organization “to continue so that people immediately have IHCI in mind when they want to create a project to help others or get involved in helping refugees.”

Organizations and individuals alike are welcome to join IHCI. The organization is open to anyone that is passionate about helping others, and everyone is welcome to present their own projects and causes to the organization. Email any of the officers listed below to get involved:


Yara Samman (Co-President) [email protected]

Anthoula Christodoulou (Co-President)  [email protected]

Zeina Zayat (Event Coordinator)  [email protected]

Raghad Akrouk (Secretary) [email protected]

Daniela Montufar Sofia (Public Relations Chair) [email protected]

Lauren Trong (Treasurer) [email protected]