TV shows to binge-watch immediately


Within the next several months, many shows will be coming back for a new season. And it also that time of the semester when you are trying to forget your troubles because midterms are looming and you are trying to procrastinate in every single way possible. Especially the seniors. We are either in denial that we are graduating in just three months, or we are already checked out and don’t give a crap anymore. I’m not telling which camp I am in. Anyway, here are my top picks to catch up on:


OK, first of all: if you haven’t even heard of this show, your world is about to be rocked so hard. Imagine a more female-friendly “Game of Thrones” with time travel, hot dudes, battles, deceit, danger all around and sexy Scottish accents every single minute. I cannot begin to express how great this show is within my word limit. Just know that it is based of a popular book series, I want to marry the main hero (who is a redhead named Jamie Fraser), and you get to see his butt several times in each season. There are currently 20 episodes for you top watch before it returns on April 9 on Starz, so please watch them so we can have a massive viewing party for the third season.

Better Call Saul

This may be a controversial statement, but I love “Better Call Saul” way more than “Breaking Bad.” Don’t get me wrong, “Breaking Bad” is a prime example of how great modern television can be, but “Better Call Saul” takes it about five steps further by creating a character who is actively trying to fight the anti-hero stereotype that is slowly trying to overcome him, while Walter White embraced it rather quickly. Saul Goodman (aka Jimmy McGill) is played to perfection by Bob Odenkirk, and the rest of the cast is just as outstanding. The first episode of the second season just aired this Monday, so you should start trying to catch up ASAP.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a comedy goddess. I aspire to be her in everyway. And her work in HBO’s “VEEP” has me rolling on the floor giggling like a maniac every time. Imagine “The West Wing” but where everyone is a terrible person and they know it. That’s “VEEP.” No character is redeemable and it is great. I personally enjoy watching terrible people screw everything and scramble to try to fix their mistakes.

It’s hilarious. Watch it. All the seasons are on HBO Go, so go steal your parents’ password and get to laughing uncontrollably.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Ah, Tina Fey’s brain child. I’m personally really interested in seeing what awaits Kimmy and her sassy roommate Titus Andromedon. Here are my prediction for the second season that will be hitting Netflix mid-April:

Kimmy has several more ridiculous romantic entanglements, Titus fails more attempts at becoming a star on Broadway and Jacqueline Voorhees has more questionable jokes about being Native American despite being played by blonde Jane Krakowski.