Best places to spark creativity on campus


With the exception of a few bright sunny days, the month of February has so far proven to be dreary, humid and mostly cloudy for every Trinity student. It’s not helped by the fact that the spring semester is generally the hardest part of the school year. With midterms swiftly approaching, a little change of scenery is necessary for most. Luckily, our campus has many beautiful places for students to hang out and recharge their energy and get the creative juices flowing again.

Skyline Bistro

While the hungry lunch crowd takes the Coates dining facilities by storm on the daily, they tend to forget that this other option exists just up the stairs. Open Monday through Friday from 11:30 to 2 p.m., the Skyline Bistro is a great place to eat some good food and relax. With its convenient location and great view of San Antonio, visitors can refill their stomachs as well as refresh the mind while admiring the view of the skyline. Plus, they take Bonus Bucks, so it won’t break the bank.

Ruth Taylor Fine Arts Center

It’s hard to not feel inspired upon entering these buildings. Step into the Dicke art wing and immediately be exposed to different kinds of art projects made by fellow students. Stroll down the Smith music hallways and hear the sweet sounds of the band and the orchestra practicing or someone rehearsing for a choir recital. Or, if you just need to let off some steam, ask anyone to open one of the sound-muffling practice rooms for you and then scream until you’ve released all your pent-up stress. No judgment. (If anyone asks, just say it’s a performance art piece depicting the deteriorating state of your academic career.)

The rooftop garden in CSI

The soft breeze and beautiful plants really help make this area special. The garden is usually pretty quiet, especially in the evening, and it’s just upstairs from the study rooms that make CSI so popular. Take a break from your all-nighter to sit amongst the plants and breathe in the fresh air, or let the change of scenery excite a quick brainstorming session before heading back to a chalkboard and jotting down some new ideas.

The Richardson Communication Center

Walk into the lobby area of Laurie Auditorium, and walk towards the woman’s bathroom. On your way there, there will be a collection of couches beside a small hallway. Pass the elevator, take a left, and voila! You’ve found the secret door that leads to the most elusive place on campus: the communications lab, also known as the RCC. These magical stairs lead to a whole floor dedicated to all kinds of media. Use Photoshop on one of the computers for a class project or just for fun. Check out cameras, and practice your directing skills by shooting a video. Or visit the TigerTV studio and help put a live TV production together. You just might have to ask a dejected communication student for help finding the place.

Enchanted garden behind Murchison

This one is for relaxing. The enchanted garden is elevated slightly from the normal walking path behind Murchison, keeping it quiet and isolated if you just need to get away. Surrounded by trees and a flowing fountain, it’s easy to let all worries drift away here. The only visitor will be the occasional Trinicat. This place ranks 10/10 if you just want to hide from the world.