BSU presents Mocha Life


Music, dancing and poetry reading are just a few ways that students and guests will be showcasing talent, expressing their creativity and celebrating Black History Month this Friday. This annual show called Mocha Life is hosted by the Black Student Union and celebrates black culture within the community.

“Mocha Life is a celebration of black culture, art and excellence,” said coordinator Nia Thomas. “The most exciting part is being able to see the talent that so many Trinity students have to offer and being a part of one of Trinity’s traditions.”

Kenneth Kusima, a first year student who also participated in and won Trinity Idol last semester, will be singing in the show. Students Greg Labbé and Kensi May will also be singing. Loon-E Crew and Prowlers will be dancing, and poet Anthony “Big Ant” Gordon will be reading poetry. Gordon has participated in several poetry slam competitions throughout Texas, and BSU is excited to bring him to Mocha Life.

Alvin Mbabazi, another coordinator, is excited to bring several months of work to help the community celebrate black culture.

“[Mocha life will be] a diverse blend of modern music, dance and spoken word. The audience should expect to experience performances that are influenced by various aspects of many people’s perspectives of black culture,” Mbabzzi said.

The members of BSU have succeeded in finding different and interesting acts for each annual Mocha Life, and many are especially excited to hear poetry from Detroit-born Anthony Gordon.

Mocha Life will help promote BSU’s purpose by celebrating the culture, contributions and history of the black community as well as the diversity of other cultures.

“BSU’s purpose is to support and encourage the diverse members who share a common goal: to support, to promote awareness and to educate others about the culture and history of the black community,” said Yanina Soudaly, a junior who is involved in BSU and will be performing with LoonE crew at Mocha Life.

The members of BSU have worked very hard to create a diverse, exciting show for audience members. Each act has been practicing for weeks to perfect their performances. Maia Ogembo, a member of BSU encourages students to come take part in the experience.

“Students should want to come to support their friends as the performers have been working very hard to get ready for the show,” Ogembo said.

Mocha Life will be held at 6 p.m. on Friday Feb 26 in Laurie auditorium, and no tickets or entry fees are required.