The house of unrecognized talent: Academy Award predictions


It’s that time of year again. When a bunch of famous people get together to pat themselves on the back for creating above average movies. My main disappointment with this year’s nominees is that they are predictable and uninspiring. None of the movies that were nominated for several of the major awards truly wowed me, and I think that’s a major issue. Unfortunately, I don’t have any real say in the matter, but I can predict who will most likely win based off of an intense algorithm that I like to call common sense.

Since the Academy upped the number of nominees from five to eight, it is harder to predict which film will take the night’s biggest award.  Despite the large number of nominees, I think it is between either “The Martian” or “The Revenant.” Since “The Revenant”  has been riding on an award season high, the award will most likely go to the survival film, which I am okay with. Sort of.

Best Director

Best Director is always a wild- card award, since it has historically seemed like one director was more favored than others, but then there is an upset. I fully believe that it is between George Miller and Alejandro G. Ià±à¡rritu, with Miller appealing more to the masses while Ià±à¡rritu is more artsy and gritty. Since Ià±à¡rritu won last year for “Birdman,” I think the ball is in Miller’s court.

Best Actor

Poor Leonardo DiCaprio. He has been denied an Oscar for so long. Yet, this will definitely be his year. Aside from the fact that he has won every single major acting award this award season for “The Revenant,” the other actors don’t quite stand up to his performance. Redmayne won’t win because he won last year, and Fassbender portrayed a typical Sorkin character. If there were any upset, it would be Matt Damon for “The Martian,” because a dramedy is slightly more appealing to viewers than watching a man cry and grunt while fighting the elements and bears.

Best Actress

None of the nominees truly stood out this year, but Brie Larson has won all the awards this season for “Room,” and the Oscars will be no different. I would definitely prefer her to Jennifer Lawrence winning for another lackluster David O. Russel film.

Best Supporting Actor

Sylvester Stalone is another actor who has been sweeping the awards this season for “Creed” (though his phenomenal costar Michael B. Jordan has gotten no award recognition). He will win this one, hands down.

Best Supporting Actress

Yet again, the award will go to the woman who has been winning all of the awards this season. I personally would prefer the award to go to Jennifer Jason Leigh or Alicia Vikander, but, in the end, Winslet will win.

All I can hope for from this Academy Award ceremony is a celebratory kiss between Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio when they both inevitably win. It will be like a Titanic reunion, but hopefully neither of them dies immediately afterward.