Best and worst of Texas from a non-Texan


Texas is unique in the sense it has its own culture that a non-Texan definitely has to get accustomed to.  At the same time, the state itself is something that might require some getting used to.  Texas has its highs and lows, and I’d like to highlight some of them for future reference when your out-of-state cousin asks what it’s like living in the Lone Star state.

PRO: I hadn’t tried Bluebell before moving down here for Trinity.  I was going into the whole experience fully expecting to tell my friends, “Wow.  Bluebell tastes like… ice cream.”  But I was wrong.  Bluebell tastes like a tiny piece of Heaven in a tub.  I hadn’t lived until this ice cream came into my life.  Why isn’t this ice cream up north?  What have us northerners done to deserve a Bluebell-less life?

CON: Driving down the freeway.  I look to my left, there’s a cherry-red Ford F-150, a meat smoker poking out the top of the bed.  To my right, a black Chevy Silverado, four coolers chilling in the back.  In front there is a silver Ram pickup.  Behind me looms a Toyota Tacoma, slowly pulling closer and closer.  I can’t escape the hordes, but I try my best to adapt to this larger living lifestyle that is the Lone Star state.

PRO: Salsa tastes 100x better when you dip in a tortilla chip shaped like the great state of Texas.  I’m pretty sure Texas is the only state that does this, by the way.

CON: I’ve used three tissue boxes in the last week.  I’ve spent an exorbitant amount of money on cough drops alone.  I’ve started popping allergy pills like they’re M&M’s.  And yet, the cedar still blooms, and my allergies wage war against me.  

PRO: There’s nothing nicer than walking out of my class and taking a moment to enjoy the sunshine.  I’ve probably sent over 20 selfies to my friends using the temperature filter on Snapchat.  They’ve gotten mad at me over 20 times because of that.  But who can get over this ridiculously warm winter?  I’m pretty sure the average temperature in January was 65 degrees.  February was about 70.  I’ll put my money on an average of 80 for March.  

CON: At the same token… I do miss my winter wardrobe.  I’ve already broken out my shorts and tank tops.  I hear my sweaters and scarves calling me like needy ex-partners.  Sometimes I miss the below freezing temperatures.  I never used to sweat in the winter (I definitely do now).  If you’re interested, though, I’ll be hosting a funeral for my winter wardrobe next weekend.

PRO: Texas pride.  It can be more than annoying at times, but their love for their state is quite charming.  You won’t find a more enthusiastic group of people who are so proud (and knowledgeable) of their state.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been reminded of Beyonce’s birth place.

CON: Year-round mosquitoes. Also roaches.  Everywhere.