Miscast to bring music, laughter with unique, unconventional performances



On Saturday, Mar. 5, at 8:30 p.m., senior Rebekah Williams will be presenting Miscast, a concert featuring several Trinity students in unexpected and unconventional roles. In the show, performers will be able to perform musical theater pieces they would normally never actually be cast for. Williams directed and choreographed the show, and she will also appear in some numbers.

The show serves’ as Williams’ senior lab show. Williams is graduating in May and  has been heavily involved in theater and music during her four years at Trinity.

“Everyone has been so invested and there are some really wonderful moments that I’m excited for audiences to see,” Williams stated.

“Miscast is different from other performances at Trinity because it’s a musical that’s meant to be very casual and fun,” Williams said.

Williams has been  working with all sorts of students, and has spent several weeks putting the show together.

According to Nico Champion, a first-year at Trinity and a performer in the show, Miscast will be a way for audiences to enjoy well known pieces in a whole new way.

“Miscast completely flips the conventional ideas behind certain musical theater songs on their head, transforming iconic moments into completely new bits,” Champion said.

Audience members will be able to recognize their favorite musical numbers, but sung by a completely unexpected cast. The show includes pieces from Hairspray, Into the Woods, and Grease.

“Even if you don’t like or know that many musicals, it’s still going to make you laugh, guaranteed,” said Casey Deal, another first-year performing in the show. The show is expected to garner countless laughs and will be a unique Trinity experience.

Kassie Kelly, a sophomore Music major, is excited about Miscast and expects it to amuse the audience.

“The show will be hilarious from the audience’s perspective,” Kelly said.

The premise of the show and the element that makes it unique is the role reversals and the unconventional casting of singers for each song. Most of the show’s acts will be females performing songs typically sung by males, and males singing songs usually cast for women.

“The show is independent of my other activities, and doesn’t feel like an obligation, I’m able to let loose and just have fun with the rest of the cast,” Kelly explained.

The fourteen performers of Miscast are excited for the upcoming show and hope the audience will enjoy it as much as they do.

“I get to play Sandy from Grease and Liesl from Sound of Music,” sophomore Tripp Wright said. “That’s what I think makes this production so fun, it’s a show everyone can enjoy.”

Wright continued to describe that “Miscast is about allowing people that love musicals and theater to finally get to sing the song they always wanted to, especially because it is usually written for the opposite gender.”

In addition to showcasing their talent and performing iconic roles, the cast members are excited about trying new things musically and theatrically.

Miscast comes during the height of senior recital time, and is sure to bring a unique musical experience to the campus. The show will start at 8:30 p.m on Saturday in the Stieren Theater. For those who can’t make it, there is an open dress rehearsal in the Cafe Theater on Friday, Mar. 4 at 5:45 p.m.