Surviving post-Spring Break blues


Unfortunately for the entire campus, Spring Break has come and gone. Students and professors had their glimpse at sweet, sweet freedom, but then it was ripped away from beneath their feet, leaving them on the floor without the ability to giddy back up again. Instead, it feels like we are crawling toward the finish line with our legs severely broken, arms broken too, using only our teeth to inch on forward.

I have done the math, and all of us have about six weeks until we are finally freed from the chains of higher education and we can spread  “”  our wings and fly into the sunset also known as summer. But until that faithful day, here are some tips to survive.

Pace Yourself

We all have a lot of work between now and summer, especially preparing for finals. Instead of doing what we usually do and waiting until the last minute to do the majority (if not all) of the work, I say we all take an unbreakable vow and try to space things out. If you have a twelve  page paper due in four weeks, write three pages a week and do your research as you go. It’ll save you a lot of panic and stress in the long-run, and it’ll make you feel like a functional human being, which rarely happens for me. You’ll thank yourself when you are sipping on your gin and juice (sans gin if you’re a minor) while your friends are crying come finals time.

Ask For Help

It’s undeniable you are going to hit some bumpy roads over the course of the next six weeks. Whether it be writers block, issues with your friends or special someone, or even car trouble, be aware that it is okay to ask for help or advice no matter what the situation is. Grown-ups do it all the time.

At least that’s what I hear from them. I’m not one myself, so I wouldn’t know.

Eat Ice Cream

Even if it feels like it will be forever until you can enjoy the pleasure of freedom from education, you can still find awesome ways to give yourself a small break from the mundane schoolwork. Treat yourself to a day at the San Marcus outlets. Go to Boerne for a long weekend with your best friend. Do an activity you have never done before like spelunking or burlunking (I may have made one of those up).

The point is, you can spice up your own life and make it as entertaining as you would like. Enjoy the little things in life and don’t let the bad things get you down. Yada yada and other cheesy vague statements. Just be sure to treat yourself to ice cream because that crap is delicious and makes everything better.