A glimpse at Netflix’s ugly side


Netflix has a plethora of movie and TV show titles, but are all of them worth your time?  While avoiding essays and studying for finals, Netflix seems like the avenue of escape.  But, it’s only worth it when the shows or movies you watch are actually quality shows.  If you spend two and a half hours watching a terrible movie, the only feeling you’ll have is regret (and maybe a healthy dose of guilt).  Taste varies, but these titles will appeal to no one (unless you’re in the mood for secondhand embarrassment).

No matter what anyone told you, we all felt a need to at least check out “Fuller House.”  We all want to know how DJ, Stephanie and Michelle all turned out.  Did DJ marry her high school sweetheart?  Did Stephanie become a world-class dancer?  Did Michelle find out she had an identical twin?  

Well, the show answers these, but doesn’t prove very satisfying.  The setup is hauntingly similar to the original “Full House,” with DJ struggling to take care of three boys after her husband recently died as Stephanie and Kimmy jump in to provide a helping hand.  But, the humor is forced, tired, and not nearly as enjoyable as the original.  In the end, “Fuller House” is simply the ugly cousin of Full House that no one talks about.

During its first three years on air with Fox, “Arrested Development” a cult following that always demanded more.  Its unique, refreshing humor brought laughs from the toughest of audiences.  Netflix, seeing a golden opportunity, attempted to satisfy the fans’ hunger by creating a Netflix exclusive fourth season.  

In the end, it tanked.  The structure that the original “Arrested Development” was known for was eliminated in Netflix’s aim to give cast members more screen time.  The writing and humor that was so endearing in the original series was poorly executed in the fourth season.  Ultimately, fans of the original Arrested Development should just pretend the fourth season doesn’t exist.   

Fan of old films?  Fan of Westerns?  Maybe you were excited about Netflix’s original movie “The Ridiculous 6,” seeing as it was playing off of the famous films “Magnificent Seven” and “Seven Samurai”.  When you first watch the trailer for “The Ridiculous 6,” you expect a funny, diverse, original film that paid homage to the classics.  10 minutes into the movie, you understand that it is a Western spoof.  You’re given new hope!  15 minutes into the movie, however, you realize that, even as a spoof, the humor is just plain bad.  

“The Ridiculous 6″ follows six criminals who find out they’re  allhalf-brothers.  Their mission?  Save their father from a posse of cowboys who demand money.  “The Ridiculous 6″ features poorly written characters, jokes for twelve year olds, and several big-name actors who are trying to make a comeback.  Honestly, the actors can’t be blamed; the writing is the problem.  The slapstick humor lacked humor in general and the jokes are juvenile at best.  Save your time and watch a different Adam Sandler comedy.

At the end of the day, hiding amongst the usual quality of Netflix Originals are these ugly gems.  On a rainy Sunday, they might be fun to watch.  When you’re distracting yourself from studying, though?  Choose something with higher reviews.