Best and worst collegiate snack options

Emotionally, the campus of Trinity University has crashed. With just less than a month until finals, students all over campus are giving up and beginning to eat their emotions to cope with the current state of their academic life. Don’t panic; while stress eating can be difficult to avoid, remember the wise words of Aristotle: “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” In other words, it’s OK to cry over your homework while you stuff your face, as long as the snacks you eat are sweet.

Here is a review of some of the best (and worst) snacks on campus so you can keep crunching without gaining the Finals Fifteen.

Pudding cups

This snack satisfies the need to eat something “bad” for you without causing bloat or packing an abundance of calories. They’re easy to throw into a backpack and store well “” there’s no need to refrigerate them unless you’re into that kind of thing. In addition, they’ll do the trick whenever you’re having a chocolate craving. Light, portable and full of delight in every bite, the pudding cup blows away all competition and earns its spot as number one on this list. They’re the only unproblematic fave. 10/10.


While not as high on this list as the pudding cup, there are few snack foods that are as underrated as the banana. They’re incredibly easy to transport due to the built-in peel, and even easier to eat. No matter how low your motivation or despair is during the semester, it can never be low enough that eating a banana is too hard. Plus, this food is perfect for any time of day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, post-workout, dessert or even as a drunk snack. No joke. If you haven’t eaten a banana when you’re drunk, you’re seriously missing out. 9/10.

String Cheese

This snack has an unexpectedly deceptive nature. As a longtime critic and lover of cheese, it is hard to admit how many flaws this snack has. While it’s delicious and easily portable, it’s difficult to save this snack for later without a refrigerator. (Unless you’re in the library, which is basically one giant refrigerator.) The verdict: Grab one on the go, but consume immediately. You don’t want to find a hot, mushy cheese stick in your bag after hours of studying. 7/10.

Clif Bars

The good: These things could probably survive a nuclear blast. They’re also considered “health food” by people who are into that sort of thing, and as such are probably packed with nutrients. If you need a boost of energy minus the sugar shakes, they’re a solid option. The company also takes steps towards being more environmentally friendly, so you can sleep soundly knowing that you’re reducing your carbon footprint. The bad: Clif Bars have a tendency to taste like dry leather; the texture is incredibly tough and unforgiving. It takes determination to eat an entire bar in one sitting. This option is not for the weak of heart, or tastebuds. Too long, didn’t read: Clif bars have a great personality but aesthetically have yet to measure up. 5/10.


If Poptarts are your snack (or breakfast) of choice, then your fave is problematic. These sugary treats may initially give you a jittery burst of energy, but they wear you out almost immediately. Plus, they don’t make you feel full; in a personal study, 1 out of 1 students expressed feeling hungrier after eating a packet of Poptarts, and were more likely to keep consuming sugar to the point of self-hatred. (Contrary to popular belief, the meal really should be over before you hate yourself. I promise.) Yikes. 0/10.


Have you ever considered replacing the four Redbulls you drink a day with some good ol’ H20? No? OK.