Dean of Students 1/2 Marathon

Dean of Students 1/2 Marathon

As the new semester rolls in, several Trinity students, staff, parents, alumni and faculty will join Dean of Students David Tuttle in preparation for the eighth Annual Dean of Students Half Marathon Challenge as a part of the San Antonio Rock “˜n’ Roll Marathon and Half Marathon. The marathon will take place on Dec. 4, 2016.

Participants begin to train in August with weekly group runs. Both first-time and experienced runners are welcome.

“The first time was really challenging,” said Trinity junior Mikki Hoffman. She has done the marathon twice, and plans on doing it a third time this year. “I felt almost shocked at the end of the race because I actually did it.”

Several experienced students also join in on the marathon. Madeline Kennedy, a sophomore, is an experienced half marathon runner, having previously participated in cross country in high school.

“I’ve actually run a couple half marathons before, but not at Trinity,” Kennedy said.

The program creates a welcoming atmosphere for all types of runners, as training creates a sense of camaraderie between participants who spend several hours a week training for something that can be difficult to do alone. “It really added structure to my freshman year, and it was good to have something to push me out the door.” Kennedy said.

Every year, the Trinity community lines up on the portion of the marathon that passes campus to support runners.

“Running by Trinity last year was one of my favorite things about the marathon,” said Matthew Reynolds, a senior music and urban studies double major. Reynolds ran the marathon as a junior and is planning on returning this year. “Seeing so many familiar faces made the hilliest part so much better.” Reynolds said.

At the start of school, advertisements will be around to  provide information on how to begin training. Students can also join the Dean of Students Half Marathon 2016 Facebook page, or email Dean Tuttle to be added to the marathon list. All grade levels of students are welcome, whether they are new to long distance running or have years of experience in it.