Lights, camera, action: first-year students prepare for stage debut


This weekend, the first years and new students of Trinity’s theatre department are putting on FYPOT, or “First Years Putting On Theater.” Each year, the tight-knit department puts on this show to create a collaborative environment for everyone involved from the beginning of the year.

The show consists of several short, ten-minute scenes written and directed by several theatre department upperclassmen.

“I am a director along with Mindy Tran,” said sophomore Laura Twomey. “She wrote our scene over the summer and we casted it during auditions, and have directed it together over the past few weeks.”

The scenes are short, and don’t require an immense amount of memorization, but allow the first years to have more fun in theatre.

“I was in a FYPOT scene last year, and for me it was a way to be a little involved in theater, sort of get a taste for it and have some fun, without it being a huge time commitment,” Twomey said.

Some students involved last year are returning with a more authoritative role this year.

“I was a participant last year and now I’m a producer. I play a managerial role alongside Holly Gabelmann, so I’m ensuring that our student writers and directors had a smooth process and eventually introducing the first years into that process,” said Nico Champion, a sophomore who has been actively involved with the theatre department.

Students who have had no experience with FYPOT, however,  have found ways to get involved with the program, too.

“I was too nervous to do it my freshman year, but it enables a very collaborative and fun atmosphere. It was a very low pressure process. I think it’s a good opportunity for freshmen to just have fun as a larger theater collective,” said sophomore Liz Metzger, who will perform alongside the first year students this time.

Each member of FYPOT finds that this production is a unique method to get new members accustomed to the changes that accompany collegiate theater.

“It’s a phenomenal way to introduce the newest members of the theatre department to Trinity theatre and the community we create. As both a participant last year and a producer this year, it’s easy to see that these shows lay the foundations for valuable and lasting relationships that will be endlessly beneficial for one’s time here.” Champion said.

FYPOT will be held on Sept. 9 at 8:30 p.m. and Sept. 10 at 7:30 p.m. in the Attic Theater.