Trinity student’s fast food rap defends Texas classic Whataburger against In-N-Out Burger


After sophomore Isaiah Specks’ became Twitter-famous and a Trinity legend with his pro-Whataburger/anti-In-N–Out rap, I had to get the real story on how one of our fellow students made such a splash. I managed to push through the crowd of fans for a short interview with Isaiah, better known by his Twitter handle @SwagginSpecks.

What made you want to make the rap?

Well, I have a few friends … who are from California, and they told me that they thought In-N-Out was better.

But why a rap? Why not just tell them the obvious truth?

Anything I said, they came back again, and I knew they couldn’t come back if I made a rap. And it was just fun and I saw the challenge on Twitter, so I was excited to do it.

What makes you like Whataburger better?

It’s what I grew up on. After every football game, after every basketball game, before every basketball game, after parties, I went to Whataburger.

Are you looking into going into fast food as a profession?

(laughs) Hopefully that’s not where I end up with this Trinity education.

Where do you think you are headed after Trinity?

I’m looking to be a sport psychologist, that’s what I’m looking toward being. Maybe go into coaching, basketball, maybe teaching, but right now I really want to be a sport psychologist.

What do you usually get from Whataburger?

I usually get the honey butter chicken biscuit…[but]I’m trying to eat healthier, so I haven’t been going so much.

How long have you been a “professional” Twitter rapper?

(laughs) Professionally? About a week. Actually, I did a rap about a year ago when I graduated from high school, actually it was called the Head-Ass challenge, but it didn’t blow up like this one did. I’ve been freestyling since I was a little kid, just messing around.

I heard you might be making a rap about Trinity? Is that true?

Actually, I just got finished recording it in CLT, that’s where I was at, I was doing the Trinity one. Hopefully there’s no errors or anything that goes wrong, but as far as I know it’ll be done tomorrow.

There’s nothing more amazing than seeing a campus success story with my own two eyes. Keep your eyes peeled for Trinity’s own        @SwagginSpecks’ new rap about Trinity, to be released in the near future. If you haven’t seen the rap that started all of this off, you can find it by literally searching “Isaiah Specks Trinity rap” on Google and he’ll be the first one to show up.

Godspeed, Isaiah. We wish him all the best in his next rapping endeavor. If we’re lucky, he’ll do a rap about how “gif” is pronounced “jiff” next.